Summer Newsletter, June 2013

Ridings Pre-School LogoTerm Dates

3/6/13 —– 23/7/13

Pre-School starts back September 9th

Dates for your Diary

11th July – Bring in your bags of old clothes, linen, shoes etc. This will raise money for both Pre-School and The Fire Fighters Charity.

Pre-School Leavers Mini Concert – 23rd July 3pm. If your child does not attend pre-school for this session, but you would like them to take part in this celebration please let Jane know and we can arrange the best time for them to join the session. Parents/carers can come along at 3pm with cameras to record this significant event. As a word of warning this event is extremely popular and space is very tight, we therefore ask that any small children are carried rather than trying to fit in pushchairs.

School Transitions

We now have information on where the majority of children leaving pre-school for full time education are going in September and have made contact with these schools. A number of schools have told us of some organised activities and visits that you will be invited to join in with. Please let us know when these are and when your child will be absent from Ridings Pre-School.

Summer Sunshine

Please remember to send your child with a sunhat that is clearly marked with their name. On hot and sunny days children without appropriate protection will not be allowed outside to play as this would place them at risk of sunburn.

Sun creams and lotions – Please remember that these need to be handed in to a member of staff (not left in book wallets or changing bags) and you will need to complete an authorisation form in order that it can be applied by staff. Wherever possible we would encourage you to apply it before coming to pre-school so that only children who are here all day need to have cream reapplied at lunch time or even better try to get some of the once a day lotion.

Holidays and Absences

A quick reminder that we require written notification of absences including sickness, holiday etc. from you if your child receives Government Funding. This is a top down request from Derbyshire County Council who control our funding and will check for this during audits and have been known throughout the County to ask for unauthorised absences to be paid back to them.

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers

Big Thanks to everyone who has donated these to pre-school we have a good amount and are presently deciding what to buy with them. We shall be sending the order next Friday so please have a last search for any vouchers you may have lying around in pockets, handbags, purses car glove compartments etc.

September Sessions

There are still some places available for next year September ’13 through to July ’14. Please plan ahead to ensure that you reserve the sessions you require during this period.

Paddock Trips

During recent visits to the Paddock the children have made bug houses from tin cans and sticks, fairy houses from natural resources found at the paddock, they have problem solved by moving a log from one place to another using a selection of resources to help them, explored the natural environment and considered and managed their own risks. Could we please remind you that permission slips for these visits need to returned to pre-school by the date specified on them and that children come properly equipped on the day of the trip. Without this permission or correct clothing children will not be able to join the visit.

New Play Opportunity

Over the next few weeks we shall be introducing a new activity into outdoor play –A Mud Kitchen- Yes that’s right we are going to provide children with the opportunity to play with wet mud. Please bear this in mind when you are choosing what clothes to send your child to pre-school in as this will be a freely chosen activity that will allow for them to handle and create with a very tactile substance.


Finally on behalf of the staff team I would like to wish you and your children a lovely summer and for those who are moving onto school in September we sincerely hope that this is a positive and enjoyable experience. For those of you returning in September we look forward to seeing you and working with your youngsters.

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