Ridings Pre-School Newsletter Autumn 1 2013

Term Dates

9th September —— 25th October

4th November —— 20th December

6th January ———- 14th February

24th February ——- 11th April

28th April ————- 23rd May

2nd June ————– 18th July

There is No Pre-School on May 5th 2014. Please make a note of these dates in your diary and pass them onto others who are responsible for bringing/collecting your child.

Welcome to a new year at Ridings Pre-School  – both to returning children & families and to those who are new to the setting. We look forward to working with you and your children and supporting their development and progress. All children are allocated a key person and some of these may have changed since July so if you are not sure who your child’s key person is please ask a member of staff, though all key workers should be making contact with parents shortly.

Notice Board

We have moved the board for displaying information for parents into the Playroom where there is more space and you will be able to locate information more obviously. Please keep an eye out for items wanted and forthcoming events on this board. Also the letter of the week will be displayed here.

Health Visiting Services

This will take place on Thursday 10th October at 9-00am. The nursery nurse will be available for you to talk with about any issues or concerns you may have about your child. This includes toilet training, dummies, speech, diet etc. etc.

Laundry Rota

Each week we ask that a parent takes the laundry bag – tea towels, rags, towels etc. and gives them a quick wash and dry (No need to iron) before returning them to Pre-school.  This rota can be located on the Information Board, just select a date convenient to yourself and write your name in the space. This small task helps the Pre-School immensely and we are very grateful to everyone who helps out in this small way.

Morrisons Lets GrowMorrison’s Grow Your Own Vouchers

If you are a Morrison’s shopper please collect and save these vouchers for us, bring them into Pre-School and place in the box provided (when it arrives). These vouchers help us to buy resources and equipment for our garden area. Last year we managed to acquire a potato bag, some small tools and trugs.

Full details will be found at http://www.morrisons.co.uk/More-for-you/LetsGrow/


Could I please ask that you label you child’s outdoor clothes with their name in order that they can be identified quickly. It will also help your child if they can recognise their own clothes as much of our work is about helping children become independent youngsters.


  • Any unused guttering or drainpipes for children to make runways and water channels outdoors.
  • A carpenter/joiner or DIY dad/grandad who could replace some rotten floor boards in the activity room.


If you need to bring medicines to Pre-school for your child can I remind you that we need signed parental permission for us to be able to administer these. Any prescribed medicines must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and any non-prescribed medicines eg Calpol can be given only after discussion with the Manager. We will NOT give children Aspirin and do not provide any medicines ourselves.

Breakfast Club

Feedback from last year’s parents’ questionnaires showed us that there may be parents of pre-school children interested in their child attending a Breakfast Club. We are looking at the viability of this so if you would be interested please speak with Jane ASAP so we can gauge whether this is worth us pursuing for the future.

Pre-School Annual General Meeting

This years meeting is to be held at Ridings Pre-School on October 1st starting at 7-30pm. As Ridings Pre-School is a Registered Charity we need to hold this meeting each year in order that a financial report is made available to parents and that a new committee of parents is elected for the following year.  If you would like to join the parents committee please come along and have a chat with Jane or Jo who will be able to provide more information. We do have some interest already this year but a couple more parents would be great. Through this role you can support the running of the setting and help us plan for the future of the Pre-School and its children. This meeting should be quite brief and is open to every parent who has a child presently attending the Pre-School so please come along and support the Pre- School.

Alongside the Parent’s Committee we shall be looking for a group of fund raisers who can work together to plan and organise events throughout the year. Please see Jane if you are interested in this type of role.

Look forward to seeing as many of you at this meeting as possible.

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