Autumn Newsletter 2

Term Dates

4th November —— 20th December

6th January ———- 14th February

24th February ——- 11th April

28th April ————- 23rd May

2nd June ————– 18th July

There is No Pre-School on May 5th 2014. Please make a note of these dates in your diary and pass them onto others who are responsible for bringing/collecting your child.

AGM News

At the pre-school’s recent AGM a new committee of parents and staff were elected for the coming year and have already met to identify their aims for the future of the setting. They have also put together a calendar of fund raising events for you to put in your diary as a reminder. We look forward to all of your support at the following events:

December – Christmas Hamper Raffle- A list for donations towards this will be available on the Information Board so that everyone can make a contribution to the Hamper and make it a Mega Prize for the Lucky Winner!!!!!

February – Fashion Show & Sale

March – Family Social with Chocolate Themed Activities

May – Blue Bags Collection of unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, linen etc

June – Summer Fete & Auction

Further details and other activities will be advertised through Newsletters the Information Board and children’s book wallets. Thank You to everyone who has brought Tempest Photographs, Phoenix Cards and supported the Pumpkin Fund Raiser.

Fees & Sessions

As part of our commitment to families the new committee have made the decision to freeze the session fees at the current rate for the next 12 months. We hope that this will help you to plan for the coming months and make any increases to your child’s sessions knowing that the prices will not change again. Please see Jane if you are thinking of adding more sessions for your child. Numbers of children at pre-school are growing over the coming months therefore places are becoming limited at some sessions.

Christmas Activities for Children

We shall be having the Children’s Christmas Party on Thursday 12th December 11am-1pm. This will be open to all the pre-school’s children who will be treated to a buffet lunch, party games and a visit from Father Christmas. If your child does not attend pre-school on this day they are welcome to join us and can either swap their sessions from another day or can make an additional payment for the time they are here payable at the usual hourly rate. Further details will be sent our nearer the time.

This year we shall be holding a Mini Concert with songs from the children on Thursday 19th December at 2-30pm. This will be followed with coffee/tea & biscuits and the drawing of the Hamper Raffle. All parents, grandparents, aunties & uncles are welcome to join us for this Festive Event.

Ridings Pre-School Parent’s Information

As you are aware Ridings Pre-School is  a registered charity and therefore a not for profit organisation and as such relies on parental support at fund raising events and as volunteers and contributors to support the running of the pre-school. So how can YOU support the pre-school? You will find a form attached to this Newsletter asking for you to identify or own up to the skills, hobbies, activities that could be utilised by the pre-school in some way. These may include anything from business planning to playing a musical instrument with the children OR climbing ladders to sweep cobwebs to sewing dressing up clothes you would be surprised at how you can support us. Please complete the form and return asap as every contribution adds to the life and success of the work we do with your children.

New Signage

You will probably have noticed the new pre-school sign that has appeared on the Flood Street side of pre-school over the holidays. This has been designed and painted by one of our parents Mr Anthony Cicinski. This looks great and also makes the pre-school more visible to visitors and new parents. Many Thanks to Anthony for completing this work it really does look Great.

Labels in Clothes

As we approach the colder weather can I again remind parents to make sure All outer clothes are Clearly labelled with your child’s name so they can be supported by staff in identifying their own clothing. If your child comes to pre-school in heavy boots or wellies can you please send along a pair of slippers or indoor shoes for comfort and safety.

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