Ridings Pre-School Newsletter Summer (2) 2014

Pre-School finishes on Friday 18th July and will restart on Monday 5th September 2014

Leavers Concert

This will take place on Thursday 17th July at 2-50pm. Parents of school leavers are invited to come along with cameras and take photographs of this event. However any pictures showing other people’s children must NOT be displayed on social networking sites. Grandparents and other interested adults are welcome to come with you, though you will need to request tickets for you and your guests so that we can provide sufficient seating. If your child is not at pre-school on this day, but you would like them to join their friends on this occasion please speak with Jane to organise how this can be arranged.  This is a very special time for everyone and we do welcome you to come and join us.

Fund Raising

The planned Summer Fayre has been cancelled instead there will be a raffle for a Hamper full of Goodies to make your summertime more enjoyable. There is a list on the playroom wall of ideas for you to donate an item for this Hamper. Please check these ideas or bring in your own ideas!!!!!!!!! Tickets will be on sale soon and the draw will take place at the leavers concert on 17th July.

Blue Bags – Thank You to All of you who brought in your unwanted items. This has raised £134.50 and will be put towards buying new resources for the pre-school.

Easter Event – Monies raised from this are going towards the purchase of a new water tray and some reflective waistcoats for children to wear on outings from pre-school. Thank You for supporting this event.

Reminders from the Staff Team

Please name your children’s clothes and property as we have had a number of items disappear recently when they have been taken home by others in error. Could you also name any foods that you put in the lunch box container in the fridge so that we know who food belongs to.

Sunhats on sunny days are needed for children to take part in outdoor play activities and sun creams needing to be applied during the day will require a medicine form completing in order that we can do this.

Items Wanted

Supermarket carrier bags and musical CD’s suitable for children’s listening.


Thank You to the parents and staff who turned out to help out last Saturday and covered a number of jobs requiring attention. If like me you couldn’t make it last Saturday there is always something to be done around this old building so if you have some spare time and would like to help please speak with Jane.

Change of Committee

In October the pre-school will hold its AGM where a new committee of parents will be elected to work as the Registered Person for the setting for the following year. Anyone interested in joining this team can speak with Jane before July and I can give you some information on the roles and responsibilities of this job or direct you to information sites. There are some statutory responsibilities as well as fund raising that form part of this task whilst giving those who participate, the opportunity to make connections with other parents and provide security for the future of Ridings Pre-School.

Sessions for Next Year

Please see Jane ASAP to make any changes or additions to your child’s session requirements for 2014/2015. Please consider if you will want to increase sessions throughout this period especially if you have specific requirements/days.

Contacting Pre-School

If you need to contact pre-school with a query or to inform that your child won’t be in for a session please telephone rather than email as we do not get the opportunity to access emails every day.

Changes to Snack Time

Has your child told you about the changes we have made at snack time or for the school leavers changes to lunch club? If you have any comments you would like to share with regard to these changes please pass them on to your child’s key person.

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers

These are no longer available at Sainsburys, but if you have any in the corners of your pockets or purses you can still bring them into pre-school until July 1st, after this we will be placing our order for resources and equipment. Thank You to everyone who has supported this activity – we have had our highest ever number of vouchers donated. Briiliant……

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