Ridings Pre-School – Newsletter Autumn (1) 2014

Term Dates 2014/15

8th September —– 24th October

3rd November —— 19th December

5th January ——— 6th February

16th February —— 27th March

13th April ———— 22nd May

1st June ————-17th July

Pre-School will be closed on May 4th as this is a Bank Holiday

Welcome back after the summer break. We have made a few changes over the summer that we hope you will appreciate once you have found them!!!

Topic for this Term

During this term we shall be looking at what the children did over the summer holidays including visits, trips out, picnics or time away with family. If you have any photographs of your child taking part in these types of activities please bring them into pre-school as we would like to include them in our display work.

Good Luck & Good Bye

In July we said good bye to a number of children who have moved on to BIG school. We held a leavers concert which was very well supported by parents, gran parents and friends who enjoyed the children as they performed a number of songs including a super rendition of ‘Let it Go’ from the film Frozen. The staff received some lovely gifts and cards with messages of Thanks and support from parents and children – Thank You so much for these as they mean so much to us.

New Units for Book Wallets

We have purchased some new drawer units which will be used for storing book wallets, letters, children’s work etc. These will also look after any toys or teddies that your child brings from home therefore these will need to fit into the drawer. On arrival at pre-school you will need to place your child’s wallet in their named drawer, we will collect any letters or fees from these and place your child’s work and any other letters in the drawer for you to collect at the end of each session. Large paintings or pieces of art work plus changing bags will be found on top of these units. Could you please advise grandparents/carers or others who collect your child of this new system.

Key Person Changes

Due to some staff changing their working hours we have had to make some changes to key persons. If this affects your child the new key person will communicate with you to introduce themselves and have a chat with you.

Changing Bags

Please leave these in the Big loo in one of the tubs. Can you ensure that you do not leave any medicines including nappy/sun cream in these bags as these are classed as medication as detailed in our policies and risk assessments.

Literacy Development- Early Reading

We have a selection of Chatter Bags available for you to borrow and use at home with your child. Each bag contains a book and an associated activity that you can carry out with your child. The aim of these bags is to encourage parents to have a shared book time with their child. If these are successful we shall add to those now available.

Book Share has been set up as a facility for you to borrow books from pre-school that you can share at home with your child before returning it and swapping for another. Through this scheme you will have access to a variety of books. These books will be available each day on the table outside under the canopy, just choose a book and write your details in the exercise book remembering to cross it out when you return the book.

If you would like more information on literacy development that is age appropriate please speak with your child’s key person or Jane.

Health Visiting Team Visit

The nursery nurse form the local health visiting team will be visiting pre-school on Thursday 9th October at 9.00 if you want to pop in and have a chat with her about any childcare issues or concerns you may have.

Tempest Photographers

These are in pre-school on Friday 14th November. More details to follow nearer the time.

New Water Tray

We have purchased a new water tray for the children to play in. The majority of the cost for this was made by a donation from the Church Wilne Rotary Club. We have sent them a letter of Thanks and look forward to many years of use from this wonderful new resource.

Pre-School AGM

This will be held in October and we will be looking for parents who would like to join the committee and take an active part in managing the future of the pre-school for their children and the future of the setting for other children. Come and have a word with Jane, Jo or Sarah if you would like to know more.

Ways to Help

We have a laundry rota on the Parents Information Board where you can identify a date when you will be able to take a bag of laundry for washing (no ironing) and return to pre-school the following week. Please do not leave this job to just the Friday children’s parents as with everyone helping it means that each family would only need to do this job once or twice a year. Many Thanks to All who help out with this task.

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