Ridings Pre-School Newsletter Spring 1 2015

Term Dates

5th January ——— 6th February

16th February —— 27th March

13th April ———— 22nd May

1st June ————-17th July

Pre-School will be closed on May 4th as this is a Bank Holiday

Welcome to 2015 at Ridings Pre-school. We hope you have all had lovely Christmases and are looking forwards to a new year of fun and happiness. We would like to welcome all our new children this term and hope that they enjoy their time at pre-school as much as your children do.

During the next 5 weeks we are looking at Rhymes and Poems with the children. We will introduce them to some traditional rhymes as well as some that are new to us all. Throughout this time we shall be listening to words and sounds that rhyme with each other.

Recent Fund Raising & Pre-School Events

The recent fund raisers organised by the staff team and pre-school committee have been very successful in raising £571.40 . I would like to Thank Everyone who supported us during these ventures and look forward to your ongoing support as the committee arranges a calendar of activities for the next few months.

The Christmas Concert was very well supported again and your children performed brilliantly. We received some lovely comments from parents and grandparents in support of this occasion and the hard work of the staff who helped to produce this event. We are looking for a different venue for next year as the Parish Rooms are too small for the number of people who wish to come along to this event.

Autumn Term Assessments

Key persons have worked hard to complete children’s assessment reports before Christmas and will be looking to share this with you over the next couple of weeks. You will be encouraged to make a comment on this document with regard to its content and your child’s progress at pre-school. I have read all these reports and have been extremely impressed with the progress children are making. Over the next few weeks all this data will be placed onto an electronic Tracker in order that we can readily see children’s lines of development across the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Pre-School Fees

Each term the invoices are sent to you for the sessions you have booked for your child. If you have any problems paying this invoice you must speak with Jane straight away so that we can discuss any issues with regard to you settling this amount within the required period stated on the invoice.


Please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather bearing in mind that children can go out to play daily provided they have the right clothing. You need to label your child’s clothes clearly with their name and we would encourage you to help your child to recognise their own outdoor wear. One of the tasks that key person’s work on with your children is to encourage independence in putting on and taking off their own coats, you can help your child with this at home in order to build their confidence. Special message from Jo regarding dressing for outings to the Paddock – Can children please dress in warm clothing including trousers and socks, plenty of layers. Girls should avoid dresses and tights.

To help prevent loss of gloves & mittens we have found some clips that can be attached to coats using simple Mitten clips available from JoJo Maman Bebe for £7 for 2 sets. See internet or shop in Nottingham.

If you would like to bring a pair of soft shoes or slippers for your child to wear indoors at pre-school you are welcome to do this, however we need you to teach your child to recognise their own footwear and to be able to change into these when they go outside to play. All footwear needs to be clearly labelled with your child’s name and kept in a drawstring pump bag that can be hung on the coat rack. Children coming to pre-school in wellies will need another pair of footwear for indoors.

Maintenance Issues

You may well have noticed that the climbing wall has disappeared from the playground over the holidays. Unfortunately the wooden backing of this piece of equipment has rotted over the last year and for your children’s safety has needed to be removed for the time being. Paul Cooper will be putting together a replacement over the next few weeks – Weather & Time permitting!!!

Unfortunately the playhouse roof has also suffered from the ravages of time and weather and will need some serious attention over the next few months. It is however still safe for the time being.

We are looking to carry out some maintenance around the pre-school over the next few months and would like to hear your recommendations of anyone in the trades of plumbing, decorating and flooring. Word of mouth is often the best advert for local businesses.


Do you know of any suitable apps for pre-school to use with the children on our I pad, preferably those that are free to download?????

Thank You To……….

Rob Massie for the Christmas Tree that we had outside in December

Alison & Nicola for helping to prepare the Christmas Party lunch for the pre-school children.

Matt Moss for the copious amounts of photo copying he has done for us.

Kasia’s dad for the emergency plumbing repairs in the kitchen.

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