Ridings Pre-School Newsletter Summer 2 2015

Term Dates

1st June ————-17th July       Return to pre-school after the summer break on September 7th

This half term we shall be working with the children within the theme of Minibeasts and will be looking at different types of creepy crawlies, their habitats, features, colours, life cycles etc. During this time you could support your children’ learning & development by identifying these creatures as you see them in the garden, park, pond or anywhere you happen to be. Talk about their colours, number of legs, where they live or any other significant pieces of information. Please try not to pass on any phobias you may have as these are easily picked up by young children. Books you may share could include The Hungry Caterpillar, The Colourful Ladybird, Monkey Puzzle or 10 Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars.

School Leavers

July sees a number of children leave pre-school before entering full time education in Primary Schools in local and surrounding areas. Whilst this is an exciting time please be aware that for these youngsters this transition is a new experience and brings many unknowns. They may feel sadness about leaving the safety of pre-school and your home and going into a world where everything is different and there are so many new rules. Please use the next few weeks as a time to introduce this BIG move gradually by having brief and positive discussions, attending induction sessions and sharing any fears and anxieties supportively.

Our photo session for school leavers is at pre-school on June 10th between 11am and 12noon. If your child does not attend during this time, but you would like them to appear on this vista produced by Tempest Photographers please speak with Jane to arrange a convenient timeslot.

Spring Clean Day

This has been arranged for Sunday 14th June from 10am to 2pm. Please come along and help out with some jobs that help to keep the pre-school neat and tidy for your children. A number of the jobs are highlighted on the posters within pre-school and some may need specific tools so please enquire if you are interested in doing any particular job. Thank you Mrs Hanser for offering to clean windows.

Sessions for Next Year

If you are looking to add to or change any of your sessions for next September through to July 2016 please get them booked now with Jane. Some sessions are already limited in availability.


You may have spotted our new wooden planters in the garden area. We are presently growing peas, carrots and a courgette in them. We also have a new water play feature in the playground that is supporting the children’s learning about filling and emptying and problem solving how they collect and measure water. We have had to purchase a replacement dishwasher this year and have some new bamboo screening to replace that on the perimeter fencing.


Can I remind you that we need written notification of absences of children from pre-school for any reason. Any holiday dates should be sent beforehand in note form as we have to keep these as record of proof in the case of an audit by DCC.

Staff Changes

Some of you may have noticed that Laura did not return to pre-school after the Easter holidays. Unfortunately Laura was unable to carry on working at pre-school due to her husband’s work and family commitments. We have wished Laura well and hope she enjoys her time with her young family. This has however left us short staffed, but as usual my colleagues have stepped into the breach and are covering her hours and her key children. Without this dedicated staff team we would struggle to continue to provide the level of care to your children. Thank You All……

Fund Raising Activities – Thank You for Your Support

The recent Spring Fair has raised £248, the Recycling brought in £54 and the Tea Towels have raised in excess of £100 to date. There are still a few tea towels left if anyone wants to purchase one as a keepsake for your child’s Treasure Box. We recently looked at ours at home with my children which lead to some lovely reflections on their time at pre-school and childhood memories.

Hopefully we shall be able to put this money towards a new playhouse for the children.

Book Share & Chatter Bags

If you have any outstanding books from the Book Share please return them ASAP so that Sarah can complete an audit. If you have any unwanted, appropriate books you could donate to this resource please have a word with Sarah.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Friday 3rd July will see Lots of Bears and Children down at The Paddock for a session of fun & activities along with a picnic lunch. Please keep an eye out for more details in your child’s tray.

Leavers Concert

Thursday 16th July 2.50pm at pre-school. This popular event will be open to parents, grandparents and friends and will show the children performing some songs and rhymes learned over the previous weeks. This is usually a very popular event and can stretch our building’s capacity to seat everyone. This year we ask that you give us an indication of the numbers in your party that will be attending.

Pre-School Session Times

My staff have recently informed me that a number of parents/grandparents are arriving late to collect children at the end of sessions. Could I therefore please ask that you check times of sessions as children can become quite agitated and distressed if they are late being collected. At present we do not charge for late collections but may need to review this if it continues as there have been a number of occasions when children have still been here for more than 15 minutes at the end of a session or day.


We have adapted the pre-school fees invoices recently and they now include a tear off return slip that we require you return to us to identify how you have made your payment. Please do not throw this away, complete the details as printed and return within 10 days.

Lunch Boxes

Anything left in the fridge needs to be identified with your child’s name. Reminder – we are encouraging healthy eating so we ask that you don’t send sweeties, chocolates or fizzy drinks.

Sun shine

When the sun comes out and the weather warms up don’t forget sun cream (with completed medication paperwork) and clearly labelled sun hats.

Coat Hooks

Do you like our new coat hooks? Help your child to identify which is their hook so they can easily find their coat when you aren’t there. It is important for children moving on to school that they can recognise their name, find and put on their own coat as this will help when it comes to PE lessons and being 1 child in a class of 30 children with 1 teacher. Thank You to Ben & Caroline Read who have made and donated this to the pre-school.

Have a Lovely Summer from Jane, Jo, Sarah, Su, Jayne, Louise & Kim

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