Ridings Pre-School Newsletter Autumn 1 2015

Term Dates 2015/16

September 7th ——- October 23rd

November 2nd ——- December 18th

January 4th ———–  February 12th

February 22nd ——- March 24th

April 11th ————– May 27th

June 6th —————- July 15th

We shall be closed on May 2nd as this is a Bank holiday. Please make a note of all these dates in your diary and pass them on to anyone else who brings or collects your child for you.

Welcome to All our new families who are starting at Ridings Pre-School this year. We hope that you and your child will be really happy here. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask myself or one of my staff.

Journeys is the topic for this half term when we shall be looking at the types of journeys children have made during the summer and the types of transport they used to get them there. You can support this topic by talking with your child about the outings or holidays that you have taken and about the journeys you made by land (walking, car, train, bus etc.), air or water. You can discuss who went on the journey, what you did, where you went, how you got there and when you went (day time/night time, a day/week, spring/summer. These discussions help children to develop an understanding of the types of questions we use as well as linking them to past times. If you have any postcards or photographs of your child on any of your journeys please bring them along to go on our display. During weeks 6 &7 all the 3 & 4 year olds will go out of pre-school for a walk and will want to tell you about where they have been and what they did.

The older children will be making a Code of Practice for the Pre-School, looking at things they consider as rules for looking after each other, sharing, turn taking, respect, and care for people and possessions.

Summer Clean

Over the summer break some of the staff have been busy at pre-school giving the premises and the resources a good clean and tidy. We have this year purchased a carpet cleaner so have been able to shampoo all the carpets. We have also cleaned the canopy and windows, cut back the hedge and had a good old declutter.


Staff Changes

Over the summer Sarah handed in her resignation as she secured a management positon in another setting. She felt the time was right for her to stretch her wings and take on the responsibility and challenges that this new position will offer her. After 11 years at Ridings, 4 of which she has been a deputy, Sarah has developed her learning and skills and I hope she will be able to transfer these into her new setting. Good Luck Sarah.

Jayne Fell has chosen to work on a supply only basis so will not be around as much.

New staff will be appointed in the near future.

Pre-School Committee

This years’ Annual General Meeting is planned for October 19th at 7-30pm in Pre-School. This brief meeting looks back at the previous 12 months in pre-school as well as looking to appoint a new group of parents to support the managers with the running of the Pre-School through fund raising, managing the finances and keeping up to date with the statutory requirements of a childcare setting. Without these groups of people the pre-school would not be able to continue functioning so if you are interested in taking on a role within the committee please have a chat with Jo or Jane who will be able to give more detail. This role does require an enhanced DBS check.

Kitchen Floor

The committee has been successful in their application for the new kitchen flooring and are arranging for this to be fitted over the next few weeks.

Outdoor Learning

As the colder weather approaches we would urge you to make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor play especially if you have been sent a slip to inform that your child will be going out of pre-school on an outdoor learning opportunity.

Lunch Club

If you want to leave any food items in the fridge for your child’s lunch there is a large plastic box for this purpose. Please make sure that any food items are clearly identified with your child’s name so we can make sure each child gets their own food.

EYPP Forms

Please return these completed within the time stated on the letter. Last year we were awarded over £200 from this additional funding. We used this to provide some new resources for mark making and physical development.

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