Ridings Pre-School Newsletter Spring (1) 2016

Term Dates

January 4th ———– February 12th

February 22nd ——- March 24th

April 11th ————–May 27th

June 6th —————July 15th

We shall be closed on May 2nd as this is a Bank holiday. Please make a note of all these dates in your diary and pass them on to anyone else who brings or collects your child for you.

Happy New Year to you All and a Big Thank You for all the lovely cards and pressies brought in for the staff.


Over the following 6 weeks we shall be working with your children on the topic –‘All About Me,’ during which the children will look at themselves as an individual, their name, features and what makes them unique. We shall also be talking about families and who is in their family. Your child will work in a booklet that will be kept in their drawer. Whilst you are welcome to look at this booklet in pre-school please DO NOT remove it from the premises as it will form an on-going piece of work. During this time you could support your child’s learning by talking with them about their features – hair, skin & eye colour (use language such as light, dark, blonde etc.) height and body parts. You could also share family photos in particular pictures of them as babies so they can make connections about how they have grown.

Please take time to talk with your child about their name and how they came to be given that name. Is there any family or cultural connection or was it a favourite name of you as a parent. We shall be asking the children about this as we help children to think about themselves as individual’s and acknowledge that their name is special to each child. Please jot down your reason on a piece of paper so we can include this in our work.

Next terms theme leads us into World Book Day on 3rd March, therefore the week beginning 29th February we wold like you to bring in your child’s favourite story book so they can share this with their friends and tell everyone why they like it

New Staff

Some of you may have seen Jayne around the setting in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Jayne has joined the pre-school staff team and will be working with your tiddlers and taking on key person responsibilities for a group of children. We look forward to working with Jayne and hope that you will say Hello to her as you meet her in the setting.

Laundry Rota               

We have a rota on the Parents Information board for all parents to take a turn at washing towels, tea towels, rags etc. for the pre-school. This bag of laundry simply needs a wash and dry before returning to pre-school – no ironing required. If you can help out please look for a date on the rota and write your name against it and on that day pick up the laundry bag from pre-school. This offer of help supports the setting and if all parents did this just once we would cover the whole year.     Thank You for your support in this matter.

Fund Raising Dates for Your Diary

Mothers Day Shop week beginning 29th February

Blue Bag Collection of unwanted clothes, shoes and bags week beginning 9th May. Keep hold of any unwanted items that can be brought in to help raise money for the setting.

Portrait Gallery June/July 2016

More details for each of these will follow nearer the time.

Gun & Weapon Play

At pre-school we work with the children regarding how we care and look after each other and have respect for all living things. When children engage in gun and weapon play they are mimicking activities and behaviours that they have heard or seen on TV, computer games or in comics. This role play leads them to copy shooting and killing and other aggressive type behaviours. As a staff team we have taken advice on this and after discussion have decided that we will be discouraging this type of play within the setting and would be grateful for your support in this matter.

Cold Weather Clothing

Please send your child with warm clothing, gloves, hat etc that are clearly labelled with their name. Wellington boots or snow boots worn to come to pre-school in should be changed on arrival for slippers or shoes.

Letters & Sounds

Children in A & B story groups will start being introduced to the sounds of letters in the alphabet using the Jolly Phonics signs and rhymes. This is an early introduction only and focuses on the sound made by a letter. The letter of the week can be found on the Parents Information Board. If you would like any more information please speak with your child’s key person or other staff member who will be pleased to help you.

Outdoor Learning

We are starting our Outdoor Learning activities again. You will be notified by a slip in your child’s drawer when they are scheduled to go out and the learning intention for their outing. If you require further information on this please speak with Jane.


You may notice that this terms invoice contains additional information. This has been requested by Derbyshire County Council as part of their Compliance Audit of the setting. We will also be chasing you to sign funding forms each term and double checking the hours that your child actually attends pre-school. The council requires that we challenge occasions where wholly funded children continually arrive late or are collected early and that we record a reason for these. If we don’t have this information we are liable to be fined for this.

Please remember to send in the Tear Off slip from the bottom of your invoice as our Book Keeper requires these for her files. If you apply for Tax credits please hang on to your invoices as they may be required at some point.

Extra Sessions

Many of our sessions are at capacity for the rest of the year therefore if you are looking to increase your child’s hours for any reason including eligibility for Early Education Funding for 3 year olds please speak with Jane asap in order that we can reserve hours before we fill up completely.

Poorly Siblings

Can we please ask that wherever possible you do not bring sick or poorly siblings or other children into the premises if they are unwell. We have a duty of care to safeguard the pre-schools children & any pregnant mums from bugs and germs.

Collecting from Pre-School

Staff have informed me that there have been a number of occasions when children are regularly collected late at the end of a session. Can I please ask that you let us know if you are going to be late collecting your child and if you are unsure of the time they should be picked up please ask a staff member. Sessions finish at 11.30am; 12.30pm or 3.15pm.

Christmas Fund Raiser

The Christmas Hamper was won by staff member Suzanne with other prizes going to Jenny, Lucy, Fiona, Grace’s granny. Well Done all of you. The amount raised from this was £144 which will go towards the cost of a new mud kitchen for outside.

Donations for refreshments at the concert were £20.65

Reindeer food kindly donated by Mrs Krasniqi raised £14. This money has been used to purchase an electric whisk for cooking activities, 2 metal tape measures and a nursery rhyme CD.

Thank You to Everyone who supported these activities.


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