OFSTED Inspection Results

On February 9th 2016 , our regular Ofsted inspection was carried out at the Pre-School. We have been awarded a well deserved “OUTSTANDING” Well done to all of the team at Pre-School.

This is a direct extract from the inspectors report:

“Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is outstanding 

  • Leadership is inspirational. The manager and staff are determined and committed to their pursuit of the highest-quality care and education for the children. Incisive evaluation of staff practice results in a well-focused plan of professional development and extremely effective teaching and learning. This helps to ensure that all children make the best possible progress.
  • Teaching is consistently outstanding. Staff interact exceptionally well with the children and are highly responsive to their ideas. They show a superb understanding of how children learn. Children enjoy a wide range of exciting experiences that captures and engages their interests. Staff support them skilfully as they experiment and investigate.
  • High-quality observations and accurate assessments are used to meticulously plan for children’s next stage in learning. Children are challenged by activities that are precisely matched to their needs. Children who speak English as an additional language are superbly supported.
  • Children flourish in this exceptionally caring learning environment. The key-person system is highly effective. Children have secure attachments with staff. Staff are kind and attentive and children’s individual care needs are extremely well met. Children settle quickly and become a significant part of the pre-school. They are confident in their own abilities.
  • Children are highly valued and respected as unique individuals. They are extremely motivated learners and active decision makers within the pre-school. For example, older children enjoy voting to decide the theme of the role-play area. They are encouraged to make choices.
  • Children’s positive behaviour is consistently reinforced using effective strategies. Children show high levels of cooperation and respect for one another.”

If you wish to see the details of the report, follow the link , and select the “Early Years Register Inspection Report” which will open / download a PDF file on your device.

More details to follow  next week.


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