Ridings Pre-school Newsletter Summer (1) 2016

Term Dates

April 11th ————–May 27th    June 6th —————July 15th

We shall be closed on May 2nd as this is a Bank holiday. Please make a note of all these dates in your diary and pass them on to anyone else who brings or collects your child for you.

Themes for this Half Term

As this is a 7 week term we have selected 3 topics that will focus children’s learning. During the first 3 weeks we will be planting seeds/seedlings in our outdoor area. The children will share their knowledge and experiences of the natural environment and take part in activities to support their understanding of growth and decay over time as they watch the plants grow and flourish as they provide appropriate care for them. The next 3 weeks will focus on producing a review of local trades and businesses in the village as children take part in visits and find out about the village and its community. They will prepare for these outings by choosing questions to ask people and take photos of premises for a display. Please support this by talking with your child about different occupations and ways of life that you think local businesses will provide. The last 2 weeks of the term will focus on being active and will incorporate a sports event.

Parents Consultation Evening – This is on Tuesday 19th April from 6.00 – 7.30pm. The time slots are now available on the kitchen cupboard door. Just write your name against a convenient time to see your child’s key person. This event is a great time to share your child’s achievements and consider their next steps.

Staff – I am pleased to inform you that we have appointed Fiona Pacel as the new deputy to Ridings Pre-School. We look forward to working with her and feel she will be a great asset to the pre-school. Fiona is level 3 trained and has a background of working in private Day Nurseries. Once she has completed her induction Fiona will take on the key working a group of children.

Lunch Time – All children who will be leaving pre-school in July before moving on to full time education will be managing their own lunch boxes from 18th April. Please consider this when you make their pack up especially with regard to cling film, plastic boxes that have manageable fasteners and healthy options. We will obviously continue to support children at this time and encourage their independence.

Information Sharing – Please let us know which school your child will be moving onto in September as we would like to improve our work with intake schools as per the recommendation in our Ofsted report. We do encourage schools to take part in transitional work each year, but there is clear reluctance from them for this. This year we are trying to come up with some innovative ways to work with schools to ensure your children continue to make outstanding progress as they move on.

Could I also remind you that if you are booking a holiday during term time, we need written confirmation of this beforehand with the dates and reason for their absence. This is a DCC requirement and can affect funding if this information is not provided.

If your child is not coming into pre-school due to sickness or other reasons please contact us by phone not email. Please note that children who have had sickness or diarrhoea must NOT come in to pre-school for 48 hours after their last bout of illness.

Children’s Own Toys – The staff team have requested that I remind you to please discourage children from bringing their own toys to pre-school with them as there have been a number of occasions where they have become lost, damaged or ‘fostered’ by another child who takes a liking to them. If the item does not fit into your child’s drawer please take it home with you. If you must leave it at pre-school it should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Ofsted Celebration Evening – On Thursday 17th March the staff team were joined by parents Ben & Marie Fell & Helen Berry (past Chairperson) and former colleagues at the Royal Oak pub in Ockbrook for an evening of querky quizzes, good conversation and a wonderful handmade cake by Kim Lomax to celebrate the fantastic achievement of our second Outstanding Ofsted Inspection. Thank You to those who came along and showed their support.

Marketing – You may now have seen the article featuring the pre-school in the Derbyshire Life magazine as well as the item on our daffodil bulb planting activity at Ockbrook’s cenotaph in the Parish Magazine and a write -up in the April edition of Inside 72. We have had some good publicity recently that has put Ridings Pre-School on the map for a while. Have you all spotted the beautiful yellow carpet of daffodils presently on display on the A52 slip into the village?

Spring Fair – This event was supported by parents, grandparents and friends raising just under £300 for pre-school resources. We have put some of this money towards the new drawers so that all the children have their own drawer rather than having to share. Many Thanks to the staff and parents who gave their time to put on this event.

New furniture – You may have noticed the 2 new units within pre-school. These were acquired free of charge when the Borrowash Children’s Centre Hub was closed recently due to Government cuts in funding. We were given the opportunity to look through furniture and resources that were being cleared out and alongside the 2 units we picked up a painting drier, numerous powder paints, display borders and some plastic drawers. Many Thanks to Paul Cooper for the loan of transport used to move these items to pre-school and to Barbara at Borrowash Community Centre for helping Jo & Jane to load the items into the cars.

Leavers Concert – This will be held on Thursday 14th July. Make a note of this in your diary if your child is due to leave pre-school for full time school this July. More details to follow nearer the time.

Signing In Book – You will have noticed that we have moved this outside to allow parents the opportunity to sign their child in before coming into the setting and having to queue to do this. We hope this helps out if not we can reverse the change. Let us know your thoughts.

Forthcoming Events

Saturday 23rd April – Pre-School Spring Clean morning. Come along and join us as we give the setting a shake down. This activity provides many parents who are unable to help out in other ways the opportunity to come and do their bit for their children’s pre-school. See separate note for ways to help. Everyone most welcome.

Sunday 24th April – OckAsh Bargain Trail. We are having a stall at pre-school on this day. Please let us have your good quality nearly new children’s toys and books to sell. See separate note for details.

May – Bags2School. Clear out unwanted clothes, bags and shoes then them bring into pre-school on the dates advised and help us raise money. Easy peasey!!

Sunday June 26th –  Summer Fayre. An afternoon of fun and games down at The Paddock. Something for Everyone. More details to follow.


Jane and the Team

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