Ridings Pre-School Autumn 1 2016

Term Dates

September 5th ——— October 21st

October 31st ———- December 16th

January 4th ———— February 10th

February 20th ——— April 7th

April 24th ————– May 26th

June 5th —————  July 18th

There is no pre-school on Monday 1st May as this is a Bank Holiday. Please make a note of all these dates on your calendar and pass them onto others who bring or collect your children.


Over the next 7 weeks we shall be investigating lots of different aspects of being creative with different media and materials. The children with be working with natural materials, using different parts of their bodies (hands & feet as well as mouths for blowing paint), looking at the work of professional artists and using black and white to create art work. We shall display children’s work for you to enjoy and talk about with them. If any parents or grandparents have skills in this area please come and talk to us so we can get you involved and poach your talents.

Welcome to a new year at Ridings Pre-School.

We have some new children joining us over the next few weeks and look forward to working and playing with them.

Over the summer we have been busy cleaning and carrying out maintenance around the place. I hope you like the new door on the garden room which has replaced the one that was rotting. We would like to change all the doors to look like this and have this as a maintenance proposal going forwards. We have installed push bars on the double doors to create an emergency exit so please DO NOT leave pushchairs etc. in front of these on the playground. A new handle has been fitted on the children’s toilet door to replace the damaged one. This work has cost pre-school £845, of which £600 was granted by Nationwide Building Society last year. We have also purchased some new banners and signage (still to be fitted) in order to maintain the pre-school’s visibility in the village and surrounding area.

Book Share & Chatter Bags

We have a box of books that is on the table under the canopy each morning for you to borrow and share with your child. Please enter the details in the note pad provided and return the book when you are done. Also on the parent’s information board inside pre-school you will find a selection of blue drawstring bags that contain books and associated activities that encourage chatter between parent and child whilst using them. Again please have a look and borrow them if you wish.


This terms invoice is in your child’s tray. Please remember to return the tear-off slip when you have made your payment this includes all methods of payment as it is a receipt required for auditing purposes.

Annual General Meeting

This years’ AGM will be held during the Autumn term where a new committee will be elected as a requirement of the pre-school’s constitution. Please have a chat with Jane if you are able to take on a role within this group and become involved in the management of the setting. We shall also be looking for a team of fund raisers who will plan and carry out activities during the year to support the purchase of resources and maintain the premises  of the pre-school. These are both valuable roles within the life of the pre-school and require just a little of your time to help out.

Changing Bags

Can we please ask that you bring a small nappy bag containing the essentials for your child’s toileting needs. We are short of storage space so struggle with Big changing bags. Can you check bags do not contain any form of medication or creams etc. as these pose a risk to our children. We are more than happy to work with you as your child begins to transition from nappies to using the toilet so please have a chat with your child’s key person or another staff member to share how we can best support your child at this time.


Over the summer we have updated our pre-school policies and procedures. With regard to medicines – any administration of medicines including sun cream has to be authorised by a member of the staff management team, so you will need to speak with Jane, Jo or Fiona with regard to this. Appropriate forms must be completed before medicines can be given.


One way in which any parent can help out at pre-school is to take the bag of laundry for a wash and dry, no ironing required. You can put your name on the rota that can be found on the Parents Information Board in the playroom. If each family took it just once we would cover virtually the whole year. Please help us by doing this small task.

If you have any queries or questions about pre-school that need answering please come and ask Jane, Jo or Fiona and we will try to answer this for you.

Looking ahead – if you are thinking of increasing your child’s sessions before next July come and have a chat with Jane so these can be reserved.

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