Newsletter Autumn (2) 2016

Term Dates

October 31st ———- December 16th

January 4th ———— February 10th

February 20th ——— April 7th

April 24th ————– May 26th

June 5th —————  July 18th

There is no pre-school on Monday 1st May as this is a Bank Holiday. Please make a note of all these dates on your calendar and pass them onto others who bring or collect your children.

Flu Vaccination

Flu is a common infectious illness spread by coughs and sneezes. It can be very unpleasant, but you’ll usually begin to feel better within about a week. However for young children and pregnant women flu can be far more serious leading to more serious health issues. That’s why all children aged 2-4 years will be offered a free nasal flu vaccine at their GP’s surgery. Pregnant women can also protect themselves and their unborn baby from flu by getting their flu vaccine. To find out more visit the NHS Choices website.

Please do not bring your child or siblings into pre-school if you suspect they may be suffering from the flu as it will quickly spread around the other children and staff.

Winter is coming – please send your child to pre-school in clothes that are suitable for the weather as we cannot allow children out to play if they are not dressed for the days’ weather. Can I remind you to clearly label all outdoor clothing with your child’s name.

Christmas Fair – The pre-school’s Christmas Fair will be held at pre-school on Sunday 27th November between 2-00 & 3-30pm. There will be lots for the children to do and the opportunity to visit Santa. Further information will be sent out nearer the date.

Children’s Christmas Party is on 14th December in the morning. Furter details will be availablelater.

Christmas Concert will be on Tuesday 13th December at 11-00 in Pre-School.

Late Collection of Children

It has been brought to my attention that some children are being collected late at the end of their sessions. Can I ask that you check the time your child’s session finishes so that you can be at pre-school in time for this. Children become upset when they are late being collected as well as it impacting onto other sessions or putting staffing ratios out of their statutory requirement. Lunch time finish is either 11-30 before lunch, 12-30 after lunch or 3-15 for the end of day session.

Thank You to Everyone who supported our Harvest Week. We had some superb and plentiful offerings that supported children’s learning. It is interesting chatting with children about where food comes from – Usually ‘Sainsburys or Asda’. We have spent time talking about fresh fruit and vegetables origins such as picked from a tree, dug up or picked from vines, ask your child to see how much they have remembered.

AGM – You will be aware that the pre-school’s AGM took place in October. This meeting is a statutory requirement for Charities and allows us to form a group of Trustees from parents and staff who take responsibility for managing the setting’s finances, recruiting staff, maintaining the premises as well as any other tasks that present themselves. I am pleased to inform you that the new committee are Amy (chair), Lauren (secretary), Stacy (treasurer), Katie, Helen, Jane & Jo. The fund raising team are Fiona, Shahnaz, Stevie- Anne & Kasia. It would have been great to see more parents at this meeting, though the group who were there made sure the business was concluded in a correct and concise manner. Thank you. The Custodian’s were represented by Paul & Gill with apologies from Sheila.

Reminders – Please No sweets in lunch boxes as we are encouraging healthy eating and please discourage your child from bringing toys into pre-school as we are having problems with loss and breakage.

Bags2school – You will have received one of these bags in your child’s drawer that can be filled with unwanted clothes, shoes and bags and returned to pre-school on weds 23rd, Thursday 24th November and by 9-00am on 25th November. Please leave them in the playhouse. The bags are then collected, weighed and we are given a payment for the amount of tonnage that we have. It’s a great way to make money and an opportunity for a clear out of old goods before Christmas. Last year we made around £50 so lets see if we can match this amount this time.

Parking – As you will be aware Flood Street is a busy and often congested road so we would suggest that you park on Church Street when dropping off and collecting children. There are a few issues about locally with regard to parking on Flood Street and traffic build up so please help us by parking away from this area. When the Queens Head is open we will approach them to ask if parents can use their car park for short periods in order to relieve this problem. We will let you know if this option becomes available.

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