Ridings Pre-School Newsletter Spring (2) 2017

Term Dates

February 20th ——— April 7th

April 24th ————– May 26th

June 5th —————  July 18th (Tuesday)

There is no pre-school on Monday 1st May as this is a Bank Holiday. Please make a note of all these dates on your calendar and pass them onto others who bring or collect your children.


Theme for this Temr is Books and Stories and we shall be looking at different authors as well as different types of books. In the first week we shall be sharing books by Su Hendra a popular children’s author whose books are humorous as well as delivering a simple message. Throughout the 7 weeks we shall work with the 3 & 4 year olds to develop an understanding of how stories have a beginning, middle and end which will eventually lead to them being able to write and perform a story within their story group. Please share books with your child and talk about the characters, you could also allow them to make up their own stories using simple props. On 2nd March it is World Book Day and we shall be celebrating this throughout the week as children are invited to bring in their favourite book from home and tell each other why they like it. We shall display these books during the week at pre-school. Please encourage your child to bring a book in for sharing.

Busy, Busy, Busy – Numbers of children at pre-school have grown over the last few months and some sessions are now at capacity. If you are looking to increase sessions please contact Jane for availability. Please note that funded hours can only be amended at the start of a term therefore the next opportunity for this is Easter.

Healthy Lunch Boxes – Thank You for your support in sending your child with a healthy lunch box and supporting us in teaching them about healthy foods. A healthy lunch box should contain foods from each of the food groups to support children’s health and brain functions. There are some suggestions in the table below though there may be other items you use that fit these categories. Please do not send sweeties or fizzy drinks.

  • Carbohydrates  Bread, wrap, bagel, rice, pasta, crackers
  • Dairy      Yogurt, fromage frais
  • Protein Meat, cheese, fish, egg
  • Fruits & vegetables  Apple, orange, strawberry, blueberry, tomato, carrot, cucumber etc.

Welcome to the team new staff member Emma who has joined us and brings a wealth of experience in early years having worked in private Day Care and is a mum to 2 boys. Over the next few weeks she will be settling into pre-school life and will be introducing herself to the children and parents as she meets them in the setting.

Fund Raising Activities have been planned and include the Colour Treasure Hunt that you have just done over half term. We look forward to displaying these colourful pieces in the playroom. At Easter we shall be having a Smartie Collection and May will see a Toddle Waddle at the Park. The Royal Oak will also be hosting a Psychic Night in May in conjunction with members of the fund raising team. Please look out for more information and ways you can help us with these events.

A Garden Party is being organised to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Ridings Pre-School. This will be held at The Paddock on The Ridings on July 9th from 2 – 4pm. There will be Games, Entertainment by Geoffrey Jumper, Refreshments, Tombolas, Alpaca feeding and a Grand Auction. We shall have a celebratory cake and be toasting the Pre-School on this special anniversary. Please put this date in your diary so you can join us on this special occasion.

At a recent Compliance Visit made by Derbyshire County Council to ensure that all Nursery Education Grant funding is being applied for legitimately I was asked to remind parents that we are only allowed a 10 minute late arrivals period before a child should be recorded in the registers as an unauthorised absence. Can you please consider this and let us know if you are going to be late arriving for a session or if your child is poorly and won’t be in that day. Too many unauthorised absences can lead to a financial penalty on the pre-school which we would then need to pass on to you.

September 30 hours and extended opening – The committee are working on the details of how this will be delivered at Ridings Pre-School. There will be a limited number of places available for children attending for the additional hours (up to the 15 allowed). We would like to give parents presently with children at pre-school the opportunity to take one of these places so if your child is going to be eligible in the 2017/2018 year please speak with Jane asap. Please keep an eye out for more details around changes to opening times and costs of Breakfast and After Pre-School Sessions. We will send these out as soon as they are confirmed.

Sainsburys are giving out the Active Kids Vouchers again so if you shop there please donate your vouchers to pre-school as they help us to replenish a lot of outdoor resources such as bean bags, balls, hoops etc. The box for depositing these is in the playroom.

Laundry Rota – Many Thanks to all of you who have put their name on the rota to take the laundry. This really helps us out. There are still some spaces left for anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to put themselves forwards.

Emails – Please be aware that if you communicate with pre-school via email it may not be picked up immediately so if your message is urgent please telephone.

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