Newsletter Autumn (2) 2017

Term Dates
October 30th ——-December 19th
January 3rd ——– February 16th
February 26th —– March 23rd
April 9th ————- May 25th
June 4th ———— July 17th
Pre-school will be closed on May 7th as this is a Bank Holiday

Theme for this Term is based on Celebrations and Festivals. We have started this week looking at Autumn and Harvest as a number of our children come from farming families who have been celebrating after harvesting their crops. Over the next few weeks we shall also be planning activities around Bonfire Night, Christmas, Birthdays and Our Names. During the week beginning 13th November we will be talking with the children about our names and how these make us individual and who we are. If you could write down for us how or why your child has their name – is it a family name, after a celebrity or something you particularly liked? Let us know so we can share this with our children.

Coats and Hats – Please label these clearly with your child’s name. Also we would encourage you to support your child in recognising their own coat etc. and that you encourage them to put it on themselves. We would also encourage you to leave your child’ coat with the sleeves the correct way as they really struggle with pulling them back the right way round. This all supports their independence and helps them to access outdoor play as and when they wish. We know its always quicker and easier for us as parents or grandparents to do it for them, but with your help they will learn this skill quickly and save you time in the long run.

Funding – If you have received a funding form in your child’s tray this is because they will be eligible for Government funding from January. Please complete the form and return to pre-school by November 10th so we can apply for this funding on your behalf. If you are not looking to use funding here please return the form anyway. Also families eligible for Extended Funding need to speak with Jane asap to check if we have enough places left to allow for this. Remember extended funding is your responsibility to apply for and to re-validate every 3 months.

Pumpkin/Ghost Pots Fund Raiser – Could you please return these by 10th November with your donation for the pre-school’s resources. Thank You to everyone who has brought theirs in so far it is very encouraging to have your support.

Children’s Christmas Party – will be on Friday 15th December in the morning until 1pm. If your child does not usually attend on this session they will be welcome to join us for games and a visit from Father Christmas. Speak with Jane regarding them joining us and the cost for this. We will provide lunch on this day so no need to bring a pack up.
Christmas Concert will be on Tuesday 19th December at 2-45 at pre-school. We will send out more information nearer the time regarding obtaining tickets and any costumes needed.

Lock down Procedures – We have recently practised our lock down procedures with children so if they tell you they have been hiding in the kitchen they are telling you correctly. We will post on the white board in the playroom when we have done this so please keep an eye out for these and other notices. The children coped extremely well with this change in their daily routine and were very accepting of the reasons they were given for what we were doing. If you want to know more about this please have a chat with Jane, Jo or Fiona.

Outdoor Learning– These sessions are starting again this month at the Hideaway. If you receive notification that your child is due to go out please complete the form fully and return by the date on it. Without this signed form children will not be able to go out on these fabulous activities. All 3 & 4 year olds will get the chance to participate on a rotational basis as we only take 4 children at a time.

Diarrhoea & Sickness – Please remember that children who have had either or both of these illnesses must not come into pre-school for 48 hours after their last bout of being poorly.

Thank You for reading this Newsletter




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