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We have made a BIG change to our practice so wanted to let you know about it.

Our children at Ridings are at the centre of everything we do. They inspire us and lead us on some amazing learning journeys of discovery which is why we have made a change to ‘In the Moment Planning’ (ITMP). This means there are no pre-planned activities which leads to less paperwork for the staff so they are able to spend so much more time teaching your children. So how has this change affected us.? How does it meet the requirements of the EYFS and the expectations of Ofsted?

  • Firstly we have made changes to the environment, making more activities available for children that allows for greater independence
  • Using ITMP takes highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioners, who must have a thorough understanding of our children, of child development and the EYFS
  • We observe what a child is doing
  • We assess where they are at with their learning
  • We quickly plan what we could do to extend their learning
  • Using this information we spontaneously carry out a plan – this is the teaching moment. this could be modelling, facilitating, suggesting, questioning – I wonder etc.
  • We return to the beginning stage to  re-assess

In this way  next steps are met immediately and the learning takes place in the moment. This meets the requirements of the EYFS to help individual children achieve, develop and learn through their own play and interests.
We keep records of these activities that demonstrate the teaching expectations of Ofsted. Individual observations are kept in children’s Learning Journals and visual records are displayed from some activities on the cupboard doors in the playroom. These are available for you to read before being moved into a ITMP file as a record to show Ofsted at an inspection.
Already we have found that this change has led  us into some high levels of engagement with the children and the teaching moments  have challenged their learning.
If you have any questions regarding this please come and chat with Jane who will be happy to help you.

Literacy Development is a focus for improvement this term. You may be interested to look at the display in the playroom that gives information on physical literacy and how children begin on the journey to writing.
To support early reading and use of books we have a Book Share box that we leave outside by the entrance that you can use like a library. Also pinned to the Parents Information Board you will find a selection of Book Bags that you can borrow and use with your child.

Communicating with Pre-School – We would like to remind you that emails may not be read or responded to on a daily basis so if you need to let us know about a child’s absence please phone instead to pass this on.

This years Pre-School Annual General Meeting is on October 15th at 7-30pm. a separate letter is in your child’s tray to give more explanation of this meeting and the needs of the setting. Please come along and show your support for the Pre-School.

Session availability – All sessions are now either full or have just a few spaces as uptake has been very high this year.  If you are considering making any increases this year (upto July 2019) you need to ask now to see if sessions are available. Any previously reserved sessions will have been confirmed with you at the time of asking.

Term Dates 2018/19
September 5th —– October 26th
November 5th —— December 18th
January 7th ——— February 15th
February 25th —– April 12th
April 29th ———— May 24th
June 3rd ————- July 19th
May 6th is a Bank Holiday and pre-school will be closed

We have a number of new families joining pre-school this year and look forward to working with you and your children over the next year.
There are a few reminders we want to pass on to you so you can help us with the smooth running of the setting.

Fees Increase
Just to remind you that fees have increased this term. Details of this review was sent out in a letter last term. Unfortunately/Fortunately the invoices still state the old cost but the calculations include the uplift. We will make sure this change is made on the next invoices.

In order to safeguard your children and our staff our policy does not allow staff to accept or request parents as’ friends’ on face book or other social media sites. Please do not be offended if you do this and they decline you as this could impact on their position at work.

Gate code
If you have forgotten the gate code please ring the bell so we can come and let you in. Do Not put your hand through the gap to open the gate from the inside.

Absence forms for children’s holidays during term time are available from any of the managers.

When communicating with the pre-school please could you use the address on Flood Street and not send mail to the home addresses of staff.

Laundry Rota
This terms laundry rota is available on the double doors outside. Please select a date that is convenient to yourself when you can take the laundry, give it a wash and bring it back in. No ironing necessary. Doing this task is a great way of supporting your child’s pre-school.
Key Persons
We have made some changes to children’s key persons due to staff working different days and children increasing their sessions. If this appplies to you your child’s new key person will introduce themselves to you over the next couple of weeks.

Thank You for your continued support

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