News Update Dec 18

The bags of recyclable clothing etc. was collected on Friday and we received a cheque for £52 for these. Thank You to all who supported this.

This years Christmas Party and Concert take place on December 12th & 13th respectively. Please return the slips found in your child’s tray to let us know if they will be joining in these activities. All the children are invited to both events but we need to know if you want them to join us so we can make the necessary arrangements and let you know times etc. As we are having Santa and a clown to the party it would be helpful if you could let us know if they may be worried by these characters in costume so we ensure support is provided adequately.

The ‘Christmas Market‘ takes place prior to the concert at pre-school. You will find a note in your child’s tray that asks how you can lend your support to this event. All support is massively appreciated by the pre-school.
The Hamper donation poster is now available in the playroom for you to choose an item and donate this towards our Hamper Raffle this year. This is usually a very popular fund raiser and tickets will be available form 10th December and the winning ticket will be drawn at the concert.

Outstanding Fees – All fees are now due so if yours are still outstanding could you make sure they are paid asap or speak to Jane if you have a problem with these.

Thank You to all those who have offered to take the laundry bag for us this term. There will be a new rota up for the new year for you all to take a turn at doing this task for us.

From the New Year we shall be starting the Outdoor Learning sessions again. We are trying to do this in a slightly different way and Jo will be letting you know soon how these changes are going to work for us all.

Thank You

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