Summer Update 2019

Term Dates
April 29th —— May 24th
June 3rd ——- July 19th
May 6th is a Bank holiday and Pre-school is closed.

Lots going on this term so make a note of all these events so you don’t miss out.

Parents Evening is on Tuesday May 14th from 6 -7.30pm. Please book an appointment using the paperwork on the cupboard in the kitchen. Come along and share in your child’s progress and achievements.

School Leavers – Please let us know asap which school your child is moving onto in September so that we can contact these schools to organise some transition opportunities. It is important to remember that this move is huge for young children and we need to work with each other to prepare them for this change and September is a long way off for these little ones.

Lunch Club – As part of our preparation for moving onto school we are giving the school leavers their own lunch box to manage at lunch club. Can you therefore consider how they can open/close and wrap/unwrap their food. Do not send cling film or plastic bags as these are a hazard to children. We continue to encourage healthy eating and ask that you don’t send sweeties, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks and do send foods that your child likes to eat.

Our Activity Morning takes place on Thursday May 23rd. You have been invited to join us for the morning to take part in lots of fun, learning activities down at The Hideaway. Please complete and return the form if you would like to come along.

Tempest Photographers are coming along on June 6th to take photographs of your children. All children here during this session will be included unless you advise us otherwise. If your child is not in but you would like them to have a photo taken please speak with Jo to organise this. In the past these photographers have taken some beautiful prints of the children that make excellent keepsakes and gifts.

Our Book Bags have shown increased use over the last term and feedback has been positive from those families who have used them. Fiona will be putting some more together for you to choose from so keep a look out for these. If you have any suggestions on topics that would be useful please let us know.

Outdoor Learning Sessions for this term are:
1st May
15th May
5th June
19th June
3rd July
17th July
Please remember to bring your child along equipped with the necessary clothing as requested.

Leavers Concert takes place on July 18th at 2-45pm and all children leaving to move onto school will be able to join us for this memorable event. You will be able to request tickets nearer the time.

The Summer Fair will be on Sunday May 19th. There will be a letter requesting help and support in your child’s tray by the end of the week. Money raised form this will go towards the purchase of a new water play trough as the present one is showing stresses of use after 10 years…….

The outdoor security gate had to be repaired again at a cost of £60. Can I ask again that you DO NOT allow children to open this gate and that you are careful not to force the handle back too far. The committee are looking to replace this lock with a new security system.

September Sessions are filling up fast so if you have plans to add or swap any please speak with Jane asap to arrange this. I plan for the whole year (through to July 2020) so if you can think ahead for this period you wont miss out.

Did any of you read the recent publication on young children’s use of technological devices and guidance for the time limits recommended? Let us know if you have any thoughts on this. At pre-school children have limited access to an ipad and individuals are monitored daily for their usage.

Thank You

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