Welcome back to a new term at Ridings Pre-School.

Its been lovely to see how much children have grown and developed over the summer months.

Term Dates for the coming year:-
Sept 4th —— Oct 25th
Nov 4th ——- Dec 20th
Jan 6th ——– Feb 14th
Feb 24th ——- April 3rd
April 20th —— May 22nd
June 1st —— July 21st

Please note that Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday and Pre-School will be closed.

Over the summer the management team have looked at our visions for the next 12 months at Pre-School and one of these is to teach the children about becoming more environmentally friendly and how to recycle products. One way of doing this is through the children’s lunch clubs, so you will notice that we are sending home any packaging etc. that cannot be recycled. We will talk with the children about these products and the symbols to look for to identify recyclable products. Can you please support this at home by considering what you send to Pre-School and help us to reduce the amount of plastic waste we dispose of.
At some point in the near future Fiona P is going to start a composting system so we will place all small fruit & veg leftovers into this, though probably not banana skins as these take years to break down.
We also have a new bin that separates recyclable waste etc. so will be introducing the children to doing this as well.
We will be introducing more ideas going forwards.

The new security system on the gate is still to be fitted, so we will let you know when this happens if there are any changes for you to know about.

You may have noticed that the rooms have undergone a thorough clean and decoration over the summer break. Thank You to Mr & Mrs Uche for the cleaning donation and to past parent Rory who organised the decorators for us. The staff team have worked incredibly hard to try and get the setting back in a functional state in time for the children’s return though there are still some jobs to be completed that we will get round to in the next few weeks.

Safeguarding your children is of paramount importance to us but to be able to do this we all need to work together and one way we can do this is by not allowing strangers or unknown people onto the premises. Therefore we must ask that you DO NOT open the gate to any adult that does not have the gate code or is not familiar to you without speaking to a member of the staff team. It is essential that you All and any others who bring or collect on your behalf support us with this.
Outdoor Learning is now going to take place every Wednesday morning for all 3 & 4 year olds from 18th September. There will be a letter and permission form in your child’s tray that you need to complete and return. There are some changes to the kit list for children’s clothing that you need to be aware of. If you have any questions regarding outdoor learning please speak with Jo or Jane at Pre-School.

Labels, Labels, Labels. Can we remind you how important it is that you label your child’s clothing and bags clearly. Lunch bags and changing bags should be labelled on the outside to make them clearly identifiable.

Items Wanted
We are looking for the following items, if you have them could you please speak with Jane or Jo asap:-

  • A smart phone or i phone with a working battery and charger. It needs to be either an EE phone or unlocked.
  • A pallet in good condition.

Thank You

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