Annual General Meeting 2020

Dear Parents

Please don’t scroll on by…..

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Ridings Pre-School will be held on Monday October 19th 2020.
As a registered charity we are required to hold our AGM in the autumn term to look at:

·         what the setting has achieved in the last year

·         the pre-school financial statement

·         look forwards to the next 12 months.

In-line with Government guidelines we have made changes to how the meeting will take place and unfortunately we cannot invite you all to attend this year.
In order to stay within the ‘rule of 6’ the meeting will take place with the 3 officers and the manager present. We will follow the agenda as in previous years and will be electing a committee to stand and support the pre-school for the next 12 months.
If you have any questions appropriate to this meeting that you want raised please email them into pre-school by 12 noon on Friday 16th October. Any questions will be discussed at the meeting and responded to in the minutes and to the person who raised it.
If you would like to volunteer to join this committee to support the pre-school please speak with Jane asap. Committee persons are required to undertake an enhanced DBS & EY2 as a suitability check.
The following people have presently offered to join the group:

Chair – Barbara Garwood
Treasurer – Merryn MacPherson
Secretary – (Catherine McNeil)
Kathryn Vincent
Ella Whitehead
Clare Radmore
Jane Cooper – Nominated Person for Ofsted
Jo Tennett

Custodian Trustees (not part of the committee)
Paul Cooper
Gill Fletcher

You will find the minutes from last years meeting on the double black doors in the playground along with more information about being part of the committee.

Thank You for your ongoing support
Jane & Rebecca

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