“Its Christmas”

Good morning We have now entered into the Glitter Season at pre-school and are starting to sparkle & shine. The tree is up and the baubles are rearranged by the children several times a day, its driving Jayne nuts!!!

Christmas cards – this year we are not going to put out our Christmas post box for children to exchange cards, but if your child does want to send them to special friends within pre-school please leave them on the Tuff Spot (black name card table) outside and if you see one there addressed to your child please take it for them.

Children’s Concert – this will take place at pre-school on Thursday 17th December at 11.30am. It will go out ‘live’ on facebook for you to watch. If your child is not in on this morning and you would like them to be part of this seasonal celebration please speak with Jane to arrange for them to come in for an hour at 11am. We need this information asap as our choreographer and set designers will need to make sure they have a part with the correct props for their appearance!!!!

Christmas Party – is on Wednesday 16th December from 11.30 – 1.00. The children will do their Forest School session as normal and will follow a Christmas trail back to pre-school where we will have set up the party for them. We will have dancing and games, lunch and a call from Santa, (hopefully live from the North Pole) ‘Ho Ho Ho’. Then he can tell us where he has left a sack of presents for all the children who are here.
If your child is not usually in on this day and would like to join us at 11.30 – 1.00 there will be a charge of £7.10 and if they would usually finish at 12 and would like to stay for the party till 1.00 it will be £4.75.
We are providing lunch. No need to bring a lunch box on this day.

As we aren’t able to have a Fair or Market this year our Christmas Fund Raiser will be a bag of Handmade goodies produced by your child. These will include some edible goodies as well as a keepsake for you to put out at Christmas each year. The charge for these bags will be a minimum of £4 to wards the cost of putting them together along with a bit for funds.
Some of the items have been donated & collected by staff & local residents. Thank You for your support.

The Smartie Tube fund raiser brought in £142.88. Thank You to everyone who managed to fill their tubes and make these donations to us. Thank You to Libby for labelling each tube for us.

Forest School Sessions at The Hideaway will continue throughout the winter so please send your child dressed in layers of clothing that will keep them snug during their time outdoors. As someone once said ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, its the wrong clothes we wear for the weather’. The children are doing so incredibly well with getting themselves dressed in speedy time now and have all gone down as one group today. Well done to everyone for helping your little ones to dress and undress themselves.

Don’t forget to visit Jenny Smedley’s online Usbourne book fair on facebook tomorrow 3/12/20 at 8pm to pick up some Christmas gifts. You will find details of this advertised on the pre-school’s facebook page.

Have a Super Christmas wherever you are and whoever you are able to be with and we look forward to catching up with you in 2021.

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