Newsletter , Autumn 1 2021

Welcome to Ridings Pre-School Newsletter. We send out news and reminders both by email and on facebook. If you use facebook and would like to see what the children get up to each week we do tend to put photos on here. Please make a friend request to our private page so you can access this extra information and give us some likes and comments on what we are doing.

Term Dates
8th September — 22nd October
1st November —- 17th December
10th January —– 18th February –
28th February —– 8th April
25th April ———– 27th May
6th June ———— 19th July

May 2nd is a Bank Holiday and pre-school will be closed

Covid risk assessments have been updated in line with Government guidance and can be found on our website. Can we please ask that just one adult comes to the setting at drop-off and pick-up times to maintain social distancing on the playground. If you wish to come into the setting at pick up time please wear a face mask. We have hand sanitiser at the gate for you to use prior to entering the premises. Thank You for your support in helping to keep all our families and staff safe.
Please remember if you come inside to collect your child to check their tray for any letters or artwork.

Wrap Around sessions are happening on Mondays and Tuesdays at present and you can use your funding to pay for these. We can add more days if we get the demand.

Don’t forget on arrival at pre-school to look on the black tuff spot for your child’s name card and support them as they begin to recognise their name and move it on to the white board. This is all supportive of early literacy skills.
You will also find the Laundry rota on here. Please help us out by volunteering to take the washing one week.

In Early Years we have new statutory framework thats come into place from September and there are a few things you may need to be aware of. This framework states that as well as smoking; vaping and e-cigarettes must not be used at the setting including outside.
Also we have to introduce consideration for children’s oral hygiene. We will therefore be working with the children on this, but will not be introducing teeth cleaning sessions. Kayleigh will be putting up a display outside for you to look at and see if there is anything there that might be of use to you. Again we ask that you support our requests for healthy lunch boxes and would suggest that you add a cube of cheese that they can munch on at the end of lunch as this acts as a neutraliser on the teeth.

Alongside this there is an emphasis on making sure that the teachers spend as much time as possible working directly with the children, playing with them to develop attachments and a deep level of knowledge of each of their key children and an overall understanding of all the settings children. There is no longer a requirement to make lots of records to evidence children’s progress. Going forwards children’s Learning Journeys will have less content but the staff will have a greater understanding of children and we will be looking at how they can pass this on verbally on a more regular basis.

If you are planning to increase your child’s sessions during the year please speak with Jane as soon as possible as some sessions are already capped 

Thank You

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