Covid Reminder

Please help us to keep all our families and staff safe from Covid

Can I please remind us all that children must NOT be brought to pre-school if they are showing any of the signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus.
• High temperature
• Persistent cough
• Loss of taste or smell
Any adults presenting with any of these signs or symptoms should not attend the setting either.

If you have a poorly child please keep them at home and get them checked with a lateral flow test or PCR test before returning to pre-school.
Unfortunately if we get an outbreak within the staff team, this will close the pre-school until we can staff it at the required levels.

Please help us to make sure we can stay open for you and your children.

Can I also remind you that if you want to come inside at pick up time please wear a face mask. It is lovely to have you back inside and feedback has been positive. If you can’t wear a mask or forget to bring it we will bring your child out to the playground.

Thank You for your continued support.

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