Newsletter Autumn 2021

Welcome back to Autumn term as we lead up to Christmas with lots of celebrations and festivals to be investigated over the next 7 weeks. In early years its known as the glitter season and is a favourite of some of our staff team……
Term Dates
1st November ——– 17th December
10th January ———- 18th February
28th February ——–  8th April
25th April ————–  27th May
6th June —————  19th July

Be A Smartie – We hope your child enjoyed emptying their smartie tube!!!. Thank You to those who have already returned their filled Smartie tube. This has already raised over £100 which will nearly cover the cost of having the gas boiler serviced this year. If you haven’t sent yours in yet there is still time to do this. If you’ve lost the tube don’t worry we have accepted electronic payments and envelopes instead.

Bags2school – please continue to put aside any unwanted clothing, shoes and bags ready for our collection later this month. More details to follow nearer the time.

We have just applied to Erewash Community Grants for money towards some additional Forest School resources, fingers crossed they are able to consider us for this.

Extended Entitlement Funding – If you are using this, can I remind you to re-validate your code when HMRC sends you that message; if you let it go into the ‘grace period’ you will lose that funding for the following term. We would then need to issue an invoice for sessions or you will be at risk of losing those sessions as we cannot keep them available for you without income from them.

Funding forms for newly funded children are going out this week. Please complete the information and return by 19th November.

Nuts – Can I once again remind you that at present we have a No Nuts policy due to having a child with a severe allergy to nuts. Please do not send in nuts or foods that contain nuts including nut butter, nutella, snack bars, chicken satay, etc. We do need your support on this in order to protect children effectively.

Session availability – a number of our sessions are now at capacity. If you are looking to add sessions or make any changes you will need to speak with Jane to find out what we have available. This includes children who may soon be entitled to funded hours. Don’t delay or you could miss out.

COP26 – As an early years provider we have the welfare of our children and the children of the future in our thoughts. In light of last weeks international conference in Glasgow on looking at climate changes in the future, we as a staff team have looked at what changes we can make towards this. The staff team have pledged to reduce plastic usage including bin bags & goods that are packaged in plastics, switch off electrical appliances (including lights) when not needed and to re-use and recycle wherever possible. We would like you to come on board with some of our ideas to secure children’s futures in years to come. We would like to ask you to ditch single use juice bottles such as Fruit Shoots and Callypo and think about if your child really needs to drink juice, purchase a drink bottle that can be refilled and used time and again with your child’s lunch; it will also save you money in the long term. Also we would encourage you not to use cling film on foods, but to consider wrapping food in foil if necessary or just simply use a ‘Tupperware’ type box instead. We are also going to be asking the parents committee to consider some changes with regard to the setting.
Let us know what changes you are pledging for the future.

Christmas Party & Concert – the party will be held at pre-school on Wednesday 15th December and the concert on Thursday 16th. We are not yet sure as to whether the concert will be virtual again this year or if we will be inviting a limited number into the setting to watch it live. We will send out more information nearer the time.

Big Thank You to everyone who is supporting all our continued risk assessments with regard to Covid. These include sanitising hands at the gate before entering, even if someone is holding the gate open for you. Wearing a face mask if you want to come inside and only 1 adult dropping off or collecting a child. No changing bags or toys from home. Remember if your child is showing any of the covid symptoms, they must not come to pre-school until you have checked them out or you isolate with them at home.

Security – We recently had a delivery man let into the setting by a parent who opened the gate for them. Please, if someone like this is at the gate let a member of staff know, don’t just let them in. We are responsible for safeguarding all our children and our policy is that no-one is allowed on to the premises unless they are known to us. Thank You for your support in this matter.

Facebook – We have 2 facebook pages. One is used by the staff and has pictures of the children shown on it each week and the other is used by the committee to advertise fund raising events etc.  If you are interested in going either of these pages just send a friend request and we will add you. The private page is available for parents only and the administrators do check that only parents are accepted onto this.

The new Wish List will be going out this week. Take a look and see if you can put your name down to donate any of these items. No sand this time!!!!  Also the Laundry rota is out each morning for you to sign up to take a bag of washing. No ironing, just a wash & dry is all thats needed. It really is important to us that we share in these tasks and work together to benefit the pre-school. HUGE Thank You to all of you who join us by helping out in these small ways. 🙂

Thank You

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