Newsletter Autumn 2021 – December 1st

Term Dates
Finish date 17th December
10th January ——– 18th February
28th February ————– 8th April
25th April ——————– 27th May
7th June ——————— 19th July

May 2nd is a Bank Holiday & 6th June is an additional day granted in lieu of the Queens Platinum Anniversary Day & Pre-School will be closed.
Please make a note of these dates and pass them on to others who support your childcare arrangements.
Thank You
Good morning
What a difference a week makes and I don’t just mean the weather….
In just a few days the pre-school is looking shiny and glittery with all the Christmas decorations the children have helped to put up with their teachers.

Firstly I would like to say Thank You to those of you who have been supplying the staff with yummy cakes and biscuits recently. We have some very clever bakers amongst our parents.

Earlier this morning I worked with the children and staff as they got ready for their Forest School session. We have children at 2, 3 & 4 years of age who confidently dress themselves ready for their morning at The Hideaway. The majority of these children are really quite independent in sorting their own bags, clothes, wellies etc. The only time they hit a problem is when they can’t locate something in their bag and we have to hunt for it. Be proud of your children and please don’t underestimate their ability to be independent in their personal care.
We do go out in all weathers and will only cancel if this is assessed as too high a risk for them to be out. We will let you know if we need to cancel a session. You can help your child by making sure they are kitted out for the weather as this makes their session even more enjoyable if they’re not worried about being cold, wet or even too hot.

Christmas Party – Wednesday 15th December. Its going to be a fun time with a visit from Santa Claus. Please return the slip we sent out last week to let us know that you want your child to join us on that day.

Christmas Concert – We are still planning on going ahead with this unless guidance directs us to cancel. If you want to come along and see the children sing their lovely Christmas songs then return the slip sent out last week to reserve a place.
Louise & Kayleigh have asked that the children wear something Christmassy like a Christmas jumper or hat or some diddy boppers for this occasion.
You will need to wear a face mask throughout your time inside the setting and we will be ventilating the rooms so you may want to wear your coat. Numbers are limited to 1 per family.

The post box is outside if your child want to send Christmas cards to their friends. This will be emptied each morning and final postings will be 14th December.

We are struggling a bit at present with some of our toys and resources becoming damaged. We are working with the children to teach them about respect for our property and would encourage you to talk with them at home about how to care for things. We are not in a financial position to keep replacing things as they become damaged and need to be disposed of.
We are working with the children on identifying their ‘rules’ whilst at pre-school and will share this with you when its complete so you can chat with them at home about this.
Can we ask that when you are in the playground at drop off and collection that you don’t allow children to get out our toys and that you keep an eye on what your little one is up to so they are kept safe.

We are going to introduce weekly ‘Ways to Support Your Child’ ideas through our facebook page and would encourage you to have a go at some of these ideas. If your not a facebook user please have a chat with a member of staff who can update you with the activity for that week.
We also use facebook to show our letter & sound of the week, so again please ask about this.

During this term we have raised £185.28 from the Smartie tubes and the money left over from the Halloween Party, £29, was donated to the pre-school funds as the 3 staff who organised this event did so voluntarily.
Bags2school is on Monday 6th December and we are hoping this will be an even bigger event than last year. Don’t forget you still have time for a clear out over the weekend and can drop off your bags of unwanted clothes, shoes and handbags at pre-school from 8.30am on Monday.

The end of term sees a member of staff leaving us to move on to a new project. Kayleigh has been with us for 2 years and has been a valued member of the team. Kayleigh is very creative and has supported us greatly with her artistic skills and as a leader in the Mini Movers team. She is popular with the children and I’m sure will be missed.
Obviously this will mean some children will have a new key person who will contact you to introduce themselves in the New Year.

Now we are In December I will wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank You

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