Newsletter Spring 1, Jan 20th 22

Term Dates
January 10th —– February 18th
February 28th —- April 8th
April 25th ———- May 27th
June 7th ———– July 19th

May 2nd is a Bank holiday & June 6th is a lieu day for the Queen’s Platinum anniversary. Pre-School will be closed on these days.

Welcome back to pre-school after the Christmas & New Year break. Thank You to everyone who sent cards and gifts for the staff; these are greatly appreciated and anything sweet & edible will be consumed over the next few weeks by us all.

Please can I remind you to advise us of any changes that need to be amended in your child’s personal details, including house moves, contact names and changes in phone numbers. It is essential that we keep these up to date.

BIG Thank You to one of our dads, Gary Posiak, who has come to our rescue twice recently as we had a water leak on our water heater and then to replace a light fitting after an old one burnt out.
Any help like this is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Let us know if you have skills or qualifications that you would be prepared to offer to help us out as necessary.

Scarecrow Festival June 2nd and 3rd 2022. This event is being organised by Ockbrook/Borrowash in Bloom. We have been asked if we would like to enter this. Would you like to take a lead on this for the pre-school, designing, making, installing & disposing of afterwards? Contact Jane if you are interested in doing this.

We recently applied for and were awarded a Grant form Erewash Community Grants towards our Forest School equipment. We received just half of the amount applied for so have reduced our shopping accordingly. With the £240 we have so far purchased a new trolley for transporting everything, 2 new tarpaulins & ropes and are looking to buy a bow saw.
If you know of any grants we could apply for please let us know.

Our weekly adult guided activities include:
Daily well-being sessions after lunch, these include a peer on peer massage, yoga, Makaton story telling & colouring to music plus 1 other.
Regular Wednesday mornings are Forest School & Thursdays its Mini Movers.
Throughout the week we also have Little Rescuers just started and a Mini Bakers as well as woodwork, potion making and cookery which move round in rotation.
We have started to make links with another older persons home in Spondon so we can grow our Intergenerational work again.

Children’s reports were written just before Christmas and should now have been shared with you by key persons. These will have informed you of your child’s progress and development during the Autumn term. Have a word with your child’s key person if you’ve not yet seen this.

We are working on a new format for carrying out statutory Two Year Assessments so that these can be completed in collaboration with parents. If your child is around 2 1/2  years of age we may ask you to help us trial this. If so we will send out an invitation and will ask you for feedback to help us develop this reporting.

Holidays and planned absences require a form to be completed for our records. Please ask for this if you know your child is going to be absent from pre-school.

Reduction in Covid precautions. This is a swiftly moving topic in the news at present and we have struggled to maintain our written risk assessments with these constant changes. In general we continue to follow the Government advice and will notify you of any major changes to our practice. We are still required to deep clean and carry out extra cleaning on toys and resources. We will continue to rotate our toys and resources each day. The children will continue to enter by the toilet door and wash their hands and will exit by the double doors.

We still ask that you wear a facemask if you wish to come into the setting and sanitise your hands at the gate before entering.

It is important that we continue to protect our staff team as if we get Covid within the team we may well have to close for a period whilst they are self-isolating.

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