Newsletter Spring Term 2

Term Dates

10th January —- 18th February
28th February —- 8th April
25th April ———- 27th May
6th June ———– 19th July

May 2nd is a Bank holiday and June 6th is a lieu day for the Queens Jubilee. Pre-school will be closed on these 2 days.

Forest School
Practicing being independent is a skill that children need to have as they grow and develop. When dressing for Forest School it would be extremely helpful if your child’s clothing was sent in a way that made it easy for them to put on. Staff have noticed that some clothing is inside out and children cannot manage their independence due to this. We would encourage you to put your child’s bag together with them so they can see what their clothes look like on that day. As ever we would ask that all items are clearly labelled with their name.

Thank You to you all for continuing to
at the gate on arrival prior to touching the code pad and gate handle. Our staff and children still remain at risk and we therefore need to maintain our additional risk assessments to protect them.

Mobile phones – Quick reminder that the pre-school is a mobile phone free zone, even on the playground. If you get a call please take this off the pre-school grounds if you really need to answer it at that time.

Face 2 Face meetings with parents will be available weeks beginning 28th March & 4th April. We will send more details on how to book your slot after half term.

The children are doing super well at managing their own lunch boxes and are learning about healthy eating during these times. Thank you for your support in not sending sweeties, chocolates and other foods high in sugars. Thank you to those of you sending in cheese cubes as part of the end of lunch routine.

In our last newsletter we asked if any of you would like to help the pre-school children to make a scarecrow for the Ockbrook in Bloom Scarecrow Festival in June. We haven’t as yet had anyone come forward so if you would like to do this please contact me for more information.
They are also holding an Easter Bonnet parade if any of you want to take part in this at Easter time.

We are responsible for passing on information on any child or staff member who has a confirmed case of Covid to PHE and Ofsted. Please let us know if your chid has a confirmed case so we can meet this requirement.
The children have written their own rules for pre-school and we thought it might be useful that you know what these were so you can support them both at home and whilst on the pre-school premises.

  • Tidy up our toys
  • At pre-school we use walking feet inside
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Quiet voices inside
  • Be gentle with the toys

These are the children’s own words so may not be absolutely correct in their composition. We have given the children ‘a voice’.

Thank You

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