News Extra March 22

Ofsted News
After a long wait I am delighted to be able to share with you that our inspection report has now gone live. We want to celebrate with you all that the inspector awarded the pre-school a Good rating after what was a long & rigorous day for the staff on duty.

We have just 1 action that we need to work on and already have plans in place to bring this inline with their expectations.

If you want to have a read of the report you can find a hard copy at pre-school or google ‘Ofsted find a report’ and type in the pre-school’s name and it will come up. Alternatively you can follow this link

Fund raising – The recent Nature Hunt has raised £976 for the pre-school. BIG Thank You to everyone who took part in this and contributing to its success. Its great to see that families have ventured out during the cold & wet to look for all these items that hopefully lead to some discussions and questioning by children as they sought to find them.

Security – Can we again remind you to make sure that you only open the gate for yourself and to be mindful that No other children leave with you. Always check you only have the child you are collecting and that the gate is closed as you leave.
Please make sure you pass this message on to anyone else who comes to collect your child on your behalf.

Thank You

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