Newsletter Spring 1, Jan 20th 22

Term Dates
January 10th —– February 18th
February 28th —- April 8th
April 25th ———- May 27th
June 7th ———– July 19th

May 2nd is a Bank holiday & June 6th is a lieu day for the Queen’s Platinum anniversary. Pre-School will be closed on these days.

Welcome back to pre-school after the Christmas & New Year break. Thank You to everyone who sent cards and gifts for the staff; these are greatly appreciated and anything sweet & edible will be consumed over the next few weeks by us all.

Please can I remind you to advise us of any changes that need to be amended in your child’s personal details, including house moves, contact names and changes in phone numbers. It is essential that we keep these up to date.

BIG Thank You to one of our dads, Gary Posiak, who has come to our rescue twice recently as we had a water leak on our water heater and then to replace a light fitting after an old one burnt out.
Any help like this is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Let us know if you have skills or qualifications that you would be prepared to offer to help us out as necessary.

Scarecrow Festival June 2nd and 3rd 2022. This event is being organised by Ockbrook/Borrowash in Bloom. We have been asked if we would like to enter this. Would you like to take a lead on this for the pre-school, designing, making, installing & disposing of afterwards? Contact Jane if you are interested in doing this.

We recently applied for and were awarded a Grant form Erewash Community Grants towards our Forest School equipment. We received just half of the amount applied for so have reduced our shopping accordingly. With the £240 we have so far purchased a new trolley for transporting everything, 2 new tarpaulins & ropes and are looking to buy a bow saw.
If you know of any grants we could apply for please let us know.

Our weekly adult guided activities include:
Daily well-being sessions after lunch, these include a peer on peer massage, yoga, Makaton story telling & colouring to music plus 1 other.
Regular Wednesday mornings are Forest School & Thursdays its Mini Movers.
Throughout the week we also have Little Rescuers just started and a Mini Bakers as well as woodwork, potion making and cookery which move round in rotation.
We have started to make links with another older persons home in Spondon so we can grow our Intergenerational work again.

Children’s reports were written just before Christmas and should now have been shared with you by key persons. These will have informed you of your child’s progress and development during the Autumn term. Have a word with your child’s key person if you’ve not yet seen this.

We are working on a new format for carrying out statutory Two Year Assessments so that these can be completed in collaboration with parents. If your child is around 2 1/2  years of age we may ask you to help us trial this. If so we will send out an invitation and will ask you for feedback to help us develop this reporting.

Holidays and planned absences require a form to be completed for our records. Please ask for this if you know your child is going to be absent from pre-school.

Reduction in Covid precautions. This is a swiftly moving topic in the news at present and we have struggled to maintain our written risk assessments with these constant changes. In general we continue to follow the Government advice and will notify you of any major changes to our practice. We are still required to deep clean and carry out extra cleaning on toys and resources. We will continue to rotate our toys and resources each day. The children will continue to enter by the toilet door and wash their hands and will exit by the double doors.

We still ask that you wear a facemask if you wish to come into the setting and sanitise your hands at the gate before entering.

It is important that we continue to protect our staff team as if we get Covid within the team we may well have to close for a period whilst they are self-isolating.

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Christmas Update

Just a quick update on our Christmas activities.

Wednesday 15th December is party day. We have lots of extra children booked in to do 11-1 for the party. Please bring them along in their party clothes. For the children here for Forest School please send the usual weather clothing for Forest School and party clothes can be changed into on their return. We are putting on a party lunch so please don’t send a lunch box on this day.

Thursday 16th December is our Concert in the morning. All the children will take part in this and any of you whose children are coming in as extras, could you be here by 11.00 so they can be part of the group as they prepare themselves please.
The organisers have requested the children wear something Christmassy – jumper, diddy boppers, Santa hat etc.

Christmas fund raiser is on the 16th as well. There will be goodies for sale and a raffle will be drawn. You can purchase tickets before this on the playground each morning. See the letter sent out via your child’s tray for more details.

The children have all made a gift for you to purchase and we will start selling these from Monday. Please ask a staff member if you want to purchase you child’s OWN handmade Santa Key which is magic and only works on Christmas Eve so he can come and deliver gifts to your house. They will be £2 each and cash payment will be accepted.

Other news-
We made £82.50 from the Bags2school collection Thank You.

There are still some wish list items left if you are able to offer to donate to the pre-school.

If your child is due to start full time school next September you need to make an application to the Local Authority, not the school, by January 15th 2022. There is a poster on the kitchen door at pre-school if you need details of how to do this.

Thank You

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Newsletter Autumn 2021 – December 1st

Term Dates
Finish date 17th December
10th January ——– 18th February
28th February ————– 8th April
25th April ——————– 27th May
7th June ——————— 19th July

May 2nd is a Bank Holiday & 6th June is an additional day granted in lieu of the Queens Platinum Anniversary Day & Pre-School will be closed.
Please make a note of these dates and pass them on to others who support your childcare arrangements.
Thank You
Good morning
What a difference a week makes and I don’t just mean the weather….
In just a few days the pre-school is looking shiny and glittery with all the Christmas decorations the children have helped to put up with their teachers.

Firstly I would like to say Thank You to those of you who have been supplying the staff with yummy cakes and biscuits recently. We have some very clever bakers amongst our parents.

Earlier this morning I worked with the children and staff as they got ready for their Forest School session. We have children at 2, 3 & 4 years of age who confidently dress themselves ready for their morning at The Hideaway. The majority of these children are really quite independent in sorting their own bags, clothes, wellies etc. The only time they hit a problem is when they can’t locate something in their bag and we have to hunt for it. Be proud of your children and please don’t underestimate their ability to be independent in their personal care.
We do go out in all weathers and will only cancel if this is assessed as too high a risk for them to be out. We will let you know if we need to cancel a session. You can help your child by making sure they are kitted out for the weather as this makes their session even more enjoyable if they’re not worried about being cold, wet or even too hot.

Christmas Party – Wednesday 15th December. Its going to be a fun time with a visit from Santa Claus. Please return the slip we sent out last week to let us know that you want your child to join us on that day.

Christmas Concert – We are still planning on going ahead with this unless guidance directs us to cancel. If you want to come along and see the children sing their lovely Christmas songs then return the slip sent out last week to reserve a place.
Louise & Kayleigh have asked that the children wear something Christmassy like a Christmas jumper or hat or some diddy boppers for this occasion.
You will need to wear a face mask throughout your time inside the setting and we will be ventilating the rooms so you may want to wear your coat. Numbers are limited to 1 per family.

The post box is outside if your child want to send Christmas cards to their friends. This will be emptied each morning and final postings will be 14th December.

We are struggling a bit at present with some of our toys and resources becoming damaged. We are working with the children to teach them about respect for our property and would encourage you to talk with them at home about how to care for things. We are not in a financial position to keep replacing things as they become damaged and need to be disposed of.
We are working with the children on identifying their ‘rules’ whilst at pre-school and will share this with you when its complete so you can chat with them at home about this.
Can we ask that when you are in the playground at drop off and collection that you don’t allow children to get out our toys and that you keep an eye on what your little one is up to so they are kept safe.

We are going to introduce weekly ‘Ways to Support Your Child’ ideas through our facebook page and would encourage you to have a go at some of these ideas. If your not a facebook user please have a chat with a member of staff who can update you with the activity for that week.
We also use facebook to show our letter & sound of the week, so again please ask about this.

During this term we have raised £185.28 from the Smartie tubes and the money left over from the Halloween Party, £29, was donated to the pre-school funds as the 3 staff who organised this event did so voluntarily.
Bags2school is on Monday 6th December and we are hoping this will be an even bigger event than last year. Don’t forget you still have time for a clear out over the weekend and can drop off your bags of unwanted clothes, shoes and handbags at pre-school from 8.30am on Monday.

The end of term sees a member of staff leaving us to move on to a new project. Kayleigh has been with us for 2 years and has been a valued member of the team. Kayleigh is very creative and has supported us greatly with her artistic skills and as a leader in the Mini Movers team. She is popular with the children and I’m sure will be missed.
Obviously this will mean some children will have a new key person who will contact you to introduce themselves in the New Year.

Now we are In December I will wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank You

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Newsletter Autumn 2021

Welcome back to Autumn term as we lead up to Christmas with lots of celebrations and festivals to be investigated over the next 7 weeks. In early years its known as the glitter season and is a favourite of some of our staff team……
Term Dates
1st November ——– 17th December
10th January ———- 18th February
28th February ——–  8th April
25th April ————–  27th May
6th June —————  19th July

Be A Smartie – We hope your child enjoyed emptying their smartie tube!!!. Thank You to those who have already returned their filled Smartie tube. This has already raised over £100 which will nearly cover the cost of having the gas boiler serviced this year. If you haven’t sent yours in yet there is still time to do this. If you’ve lost the tube don’t worry we have accepted electronic payments and envelopes instead.

Bags2school – please continue to put aside any unwanted clothing, shoes and bags ready for our collection later this month. More details to follow nearer the time.

We have just applied to Erewash Community Grants for money towards some additional Forest School resources, fingers crossed they are able to consider us for this.

Extended Entitlement Funding – If you are using this, can I remind you to re-validate your code when HMRC sends you that message; if you let it go into the ‘grace period’ you will lose that funding for the following term. We would then need to issue an invoice for sessions or you will be at risk of losing those sessions as we cannot keep them available for you without income from them.

Funding forms for newly funded children are going out this week. Please complete the information and return by 19th November.

Nuts – Can I once again remind you that at present we have a No Nuts policy due to having a child with a severe allergy to nuts. Please do not send in nuts or foods that contain nuts including nut butter, nutella, snack bars, chicken satay, etc. We do need your support on this in order to protect children effectively.

Session availability – a number of our sessions are now at capacity. If you are looking to add sessions or make any changes you will need to speak with Jane to find out what we have available. This includes children who may soon be entitled to funded hours. Don’t delay or you could miss out.

COP26 – As an early years provider we have the welfare of our children and the children of the future in our thoughts. In light of last weeks international conference in Glasgow on looking at climate changes in the future, we as a staff team have looked at what changes we can make towards this. The staff team have pledged to reduce plastic usage including bin bags & goods that are packaged in plastics, switch off electrical appliances (including lights) when not needed and to re-use and recycle wherever possible. We would like you to come on board with some of our ideas to secure children’s futures in years to come. We would like to ask you to ditch single use juice bottles such as Fruit Shoots and Callypo and think about if your child really needs to drink juice, purchase a drink bottle that can be refilled and used time and again with your child’s lunch; it will also save you money in the long term. Also we would encourage you not to use cling film on foods, but to consider wrapping food in foil if necessary or just simply use a ‘Tupperware’ type box instead. We are also going to be asking the parents committee to consider some changes with regard to the setting.
Let us know what changes you are pledging for the future.

Christmas Party & Concert – the party will be held at pre-school on Wednesday 15th December and the concert on Thursday 16th. We are not yet sure as to whether the concert will be virtual again this year or if we will be inviting a limited number into the setting to watch it live. We will send out more information nearer the time.

Big Thank You to everyone who is supporting all our continued risk assessments with regard to Covid. These include sanitising hands at the gate before entering, even if someone is holding the gate open for you. Wearing a face mask if you want to come inside and only 1 adult dropping off or collecting a child. No changing bags or toys from home. Remember if your child is showing any of the covid symptoms, they must not come to pre-school until you have checked them out or you isolate with them at home.

Security – We recently had a delivery man let into the setting by a parent who opened the gate for them. Please, if someone like this is at the gate let a member of staff know, don’t just let them in. We are responsible for safeguarding all our children and our policy is that no-one is allowed on to the premises unless they are known to us. Thank You for your support in this matter.

Facebook – We have 2 facebook pages. One is used by the staff and has pictures of the children shown on it each week and the other is used by the committee to advertise fund raising events etc.  If you are interested in going either of these pages just send a friend request and we will add you. The private page is available for parents only and the administrators do check that only parents are accepted onto this.

The new Wish List will be going out this week. Take a look and see if you can put your name down to donate any of these items. No sand this time!!!!  Also the Laundry rota is out each morning for you to sign up to take a bag of washing. No ironing, just a wash & dry is all thats needed. It really is important to us that we share in these tasks and work together to benefit the pre-school. HUGE Thank You to all of you who join us by helping out in these small ways. 🙂

Thank You

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October News Extra 2021

Quick reminder pre-school finishes on Friday 22nd October for half term and we are back on 1st November.

Can we encourage you to complete and return Spider Interest pictures and Focus paperwork when they are sent home for your child. The information you give us in these documents is very useful to us as we teach using children’s interests and other information about home life that is important to you and your toddler.

We have had a really good response to our Halloween Party on 29th October. There are just a couple of places left so please return your slip and payment if you want your child to join us for this.

We are still looking for the support of our parents to become Trustees and part of the Management Committee. Please consider how you can show your support for the staff, children and setting by giving a small amount of time to this role. Without these people the pre-school cannot continue to function as it is a requirement of the Charity. If your not sure what might be required of you please ask to speak with Jane. The board is outside each morning if you want to add your name.

Our first fund raising activity will becoming out at the end of the week. So please be a Smartie and join us in raising some money that will go towards the purchase of resources including play sand (£5 a bag), printing ink (£38 twice a year), loo & kitchen roll, disinfectant etc etc that we buy weekly.
We are also looking to raise money to be able to install a more permanent canopy in place of the green canvas one that has seen better days. Can you recommend anyone who can provide and fit one of these or do you know of any business who may like to sponsor this type of work. Come and have a chat if you can help us at all.

Jo & Su have just completed their Forest School portfolios and have submitted them for verification. We will look to celebrate their achievement once this has been completed. The nearest active Forest School to Ridings is in Beeston which is probably why ours is so popular that we have a waiting list for these Wednesday morning sessions.

Dont forget to give our facebook page a look over and like. If you haven’t already joined us on there please send us a friend request and see what our children get up to and pick up on snippets of information we share from other sites.

Happy half term

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News Extra


This letter is notice that the Annual General Meeting of Ridings Pre-school will be held on:
Monday 18th October 2021 at 19.00hours
As a registered Charity it is a constitutional requirement that we hold an annual general meeting for all our families to share information on the management of the pre-school and to be able to contribute to the next 12 months by volunteering support as a Trustee on our committee

We would really like as many people as possible to attend the meeting to hear about what Ridings Pre-school has achieved over the last year. It is also an opportunity for you to contribute by making comments, suggestions or raising items they would like to discuss.
As a setting that aims to be fully inclusive your view or opinions are very welcome and help us develop a provision that meets the needs of all children.
It provides an opportunity to meet other parents and staff, both of which have been limited over the past year with the Covid restrictions.
If you would like to volunteer on the committee or to help with fundraising please put your name down on the information sheet displayed on the board at pre-school. Please remember that the pre-school cannot deliver teaching and care to children without your support.
The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Chair’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Early Years Manager’s Report
  4. Election of committee 2021/22
  5. Date of next committee meeting
  6. Any other discussion or comments

NUTS – Ridings Pre-School is presently a nut free zone. Can we ask that you do not send in nuts or foods that contain nuts including Nutella, chicken satay, peanut butter etc.

Letters of Help – As a pre-school we are reliant on our families to support us. We recently sent out a letter asking for you to identify ways in which You can help. So far we have had just 3 returned – Can you complete yours and return this week.
We do need all your help in order that we can keep our costs down.

Dog Poo – This morning we have needed to clean the playground of dog poo. Can we ask that you check shoes and wheels of scooters and pushchairs before coming on to the playground to avoid bringing it into the setting. Thank You.

Forest School– As the weather has now chilled off considerably we would like you to send clothing appropriate for the weather so that the children can continue to enjoy these sessions and keep warm and dry.

Bags2school– We have arranged a collection date for December 6th. Rather than taking your unwanted clothes, shoes, bags to the charity shop, hang onto them and help us to raise money for the pre-school. More details to follow nearer the time.

We are looking to have a small display of houseplants for the children to care for. Do you have anything you are able to donate to us. If so bring it in in a suitable plant pot. This is new for us and we’re not sure how good we will be at keeping them successfully!!!!

Coughs, Colds and Covid – Many of our children have runny noses and cold symptoms at present. Before you send your child with cold symptoms can you check their temperature and make sure that the cough isn’t symptomatic of Covid.
If you give your child any form of medicine prior to bringing them to pre-school can you notify us on arrival as we need to record this information.

Thank You

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Covid Reminder

Please help us to keep all our families and staff safe from Covid

Can I please remind us all that children must NOT be brought to pre-school if they are showing any of the signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus.
• High temperature
• Persistent cough
• Loss of taste or smell
Any adults presenting with any of these signs or symptoms should not attend the setting either.

If you have a poorly child please keep them at home and get them checked with a lateral flow test or PCR test before returning to pre-school.
Unfortunately if we get an outbreak within the staff team, this will close the pre-school until we can staff it at the required levels.

Please help us to make sure we can stay open for you and your children.

Can I also remind you that if you want to come inside at pick up time please wear a face mask. It is lovely to have you back inside and feedback has been positive. If you can’t wear a mask or forget to bring it we will bring your child out to the playground.

Thank You for your continued support.

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Newsletter , Autumn 1 2021

Welcome to Ridings Pre-School Newsletter. We send out news and reminders both by email and on facebook. If you use facebook and would like to see what the children get up to each week we do tend to put photos on here. Please make a friend request to our private page so you can access this extra information and give us some likes and comments on what we are doing.

Term Dates
8th September — 22nd October
1st November —- 17th December
10th January —– 18th February –
28th February —– 8th April
25th April ———– 27th May
6th June ———— 19th July

May 2nd is a Bank Holiday and pre-school will be closed

Covid risk assessments have been updated in line with Government guidance and can be found on our website. Can we please ask that just one adult comes to the setting at drop-off and pick-up times to maintain social distancing on the playground. If you wish to come into the setting at pick up time please wear a face mask. We have hand sanitiser at the gate for you to use prior to entering the premises. Thank You for your support in helping to keep all our families and staff safe.
Please remember if you come inside to collect your child to check their tray for any letters or artwork.

Wrap Around sessions are happening on Mondays and Tuesdays at present and you can use your funding to pay for these. We can add more days if we get the demand.

Don’t forget on arrival at pre-school to look on the black tuff spot for your child’s name card and support them as they begin to recognise their name and move it on to the white board. This is all supportive of early literacy skills.
You will also find the Laundry rota on here. Please help us out by volunteering to take the washing one week.

In Early Years we have new statutory framework thats come into place from September and there are a few things you may need to be aware of. This framework states that as well as smoking; vaping and e-cigarettes must not be used at the setting including outside.
Also we have to introduce consideration for children’s oral hygiene. We will therefore be working with the children on this, but will not be introducing teeth cleaning sessions. Kayleigh will be putting up a display outside for you to look at and see if there is anything there that might be of use to you. Again we ask that you support our requests for healthy lunch boxes and would suggest that you add a cube of cheese that they can munch on at the end of lunch as this acts as a neutraliser on the teeth.

Alongside this there is an emphasis on making sure that the teachers spend as much time as possible working directly with the children, playing with them to develop attachments and a deep level of knowledge of each of their key children and an overall understanding of all the settings children. There is no longer a requirement to make lots of records to evidence children’s progress. Going forwards children’s Learning Journeys will have less content but the staff will have a greater understanding of children and we will be looking at how they can pass this on verbally on a more regular basis.

If you are planning to increase your child’s sessions during the year please speak with Jane as soon as possible as some sessions are already capped 

Thank You

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Covid 19 Updates & Procedures – Sept 21

These are the updated procedures from the 6th Sept 21. Procedures 02 and 06 have been amended only

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Looking forward to September – Term Dates 2021/2022

September 8th —– 22nd October
1st November —– 17th December
10th January ——- 18th February
28th February —— 8th April
25th April ———— 27th May
6th June ————- 19th July

May 2nd is a Bank holiday and pre-school will be closed.

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